Document of the NPD party executive

“An African, Asian or Oriental will never be German, because the bestowal of printed paper (the German passport ) does not alter the biological heredity. (...) Therefore, members of other races will always remain physically, mentally and spiritually foreign bodies.”“Diese Zitate sollen die NPD überführen,” Die Zeit, December 3, 2013, http://www.zeit.de/politik/deutschland/2013-12/npd-verbot-antrag-zitate.

NDP youth wing publication

“[A] monkey can learn to use a light switch but he will never understand why the light turns on and off… In the same way can African and Asian people assimilate to Europeans by adopting their behaviors and clothes. But they will never be Europeans because that’s not what they are.”“Verfassungsschutzbericht 2013,” Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, accessed November 29, 2014, 106, http://www.verfassungsschutz.de/embed/vsbericht-2013.pdf.

CCC website, undated

“So, what’s changed? Well, since the extremist Barack Obama became president, one dramatic difference is that many more traditional Americans can see that they are no longer in charge. The present administration doesn’t represent our interests or the interests of OUR people.”“Please Donate to the CofCC,” Council of Conservative Citizens, accessed July 7, 2015, http://conservative-headlines.com/why-you-should-donate/.

Sayyid Qutb, Theologian, Date Unknown

“Let us…plant the seeds of hatred, disgust, and revenge in the souls of these children. Let us teach these children from the time their nails are soft that the white man is the enemy of humanity, and that they should destroy him at the first opportunity.”Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower, (New York: Random House, 2011), 27-28.

Hiram Wesley Evans, Imperial Wizard, Ku Klux Klan, December 1925

“Also, we believe that races of men are as distinct as animals; that any mixture between races of any great divergence is evil; that the American stock, which was bred under highly selective surroundings, has proved its value and should not be mongrelized…”Hiram Wesley Evans, “The Klan: Defender of Americanism,” in The Twenties in Contemporary Commentary: The Ku Klux Klan, ed. National Humanities Center (Research Triangle Park, NC: National Humanities Center, 2012), 2, http://americainclass.org/sources/becomingmodern/divisions/text1/colcommentaryklan.pdf. Originally published as “The Klan: Defender of Americanism,” Forum, December 1925, http://www.unz.org/Pub/Forum-1925dec-00801.