Facebook, Reactive Policy Changes, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Facebook’s Latest Reactive Policy Change Meaningless Without Proper Enforcement
In March 2018, reports surfaced that the private information of up to 87 million Facebook users had been harvested by the firm Cambridge Analytica since 2014.
Dr. Hany Farid, Child Exploitation, Deepfakes||CEP Staff
Dr. Hany Farid: More Must Be Done to Stop Child Exploitation, Deepfakes
Cloudflare, Sanctions Violations, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Company Acknowledges it has Provided Services to Individuals, Entities Blacklisted by U.S. Government
Australia, Extremist Material, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Tech Companies Can No Longer Rely On False Claims
Role Is Critical As Online Hate Has Translated To Real-World Violence