The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)––a partnership of tech companies led by Facebook, Google, and Twitter––has been praised for its alleged progress in combating extremism online.
YouTube, Enforcement of Policies/Terms of Service||Felicia Woron
On April 26, 2017, a YouTube user uploaded a fan-made video glorifying ISIS suicide bombers.
Internet Archive, Policies/Terms of Service||Joshua Fisher-Birch
The Internet Archive, a San Francisco based non-profit organization with a zealous commitment to preserving the Internet and everything on it, has a serious ongoing problem with extremist content.
YouTube’s recent decision to again boost the requirement for videos that can be paired with paid advertising demonstrates the company’s ongoing challenge of monitoring and removing problematic content, including extremist and terrorist material.
YouTube, Google, TATP, Extremist Content Online||Joshua Fisher-Birch
One of ISIS’s most notorious bomb-making videos is frequently and continually uploaded to Google web platforms, and there is little indication that the company is taking the appropriate steps to prevent these reuploads.
Cloudflare||Joshua Fisher-Birch
If you’ve ever used the Internet, you’ve visited a site protected by Cloudflare.