European Union (EU) digital-policy and antitrust czar Margrethe Vestager took sharp aim at U.S.
Facebook, advertising||CEP Staff
Iconic consumer brands have begun pledging to temporarily or indefinitely halt advertisements on Facebook due to its consistent mishandling of extremist content, hateful rhetoric,
In March 2018, reports surfaced that the private information of up to 87 million Facebook users had been harvested by the firm Cambridge Analytica since 2014.
Algorithms, misinformation, disinformation||CEP Staff
CEP Senior Advisor Dr. Hany Farid Testifies On Algorithms That Drive Revenues & Misinformation
Tech Regulation, European Union, NetzDG||CEP Staff
The European Union’s (EU) proposed Terrorist Content Regulation continues to face opposition from major tech companies including Google/YouTube and Microsoft.
The European Union is considering legislation to prevent the dissemination of terrorist content online.