neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, YouTube||Joshua Fisher-Birch
YouTube is allowing a propaganda channel linked to the white supremacist Rise Above Movement (RAM) to operate on their platform, in a glaring example of how the popular video streaming site is f
Google, YouTube, advertising||CEP Staff
New Policy Reduces Transparency On Ad Placements Appearing Alongside Hateful Content
During the summer of 2017, YouTube launched several initiatives relating to terrorist content on its platform, including the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)––a partnership with other tech companies aimed at combating extremist content online.
NetzDG, Extremist Content Online, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter||CEP Staff
CEP Study Finds That Only 43.5 Percent Of Extremist And Terrorist Content Is Removed On Major Platforms
YouTube, Extremism online, Dr. Hany Farid||CEP Staff
Report Analyzes YouTube’s Role With Disinformation, Supporting Extremist Ideologies
YouTube, David Ibsen, Section 230||CEP Staff
Rhetoric Contradicts Tech’s Efforts to Lobby Against Legislation and Failure to Abide by Existing Policies