Fascist Forge, neo-Nazi||Joshua Fisher-Birch
The online web forum Fascist Forge was an important recruitment and networking tool for some of the most extreme neo-Nazis for almost two years. Following the site’s removal in February 2020, no strong contender has emerged to take its place.
neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, YouTube||Joshua Fisher-Birch
YouTube is allowing a propaganda channel linked to the white supremacist Rise Above Movement (RAM) to operate on their platform, in a glaring example of how the popular video streaming site is f
white supremacists, neo-Nazi, Telegram||CEP Staff
Last week, the Washington Post highlighted a growing number of white supremacist and neo-Nazi extremists using online platforms to
Recruitment Propaganda, Calls For Violence Against Minorities Flood Various Platforms
Amazon, The Turner Diaries, Siege, neo-Nazi||CEP Staff
Company Reverses Policy Banning Mein Kampf Under Guise Of Balancing Free Speech