The Houthis

The Houthis—officially known as Ansar Allah (Partisans of God)—are an Iranian-backed, Shiite Muslim military and political movement in Yemen that has waged a series of bloody insurgencies against the Yemeni government since 2004. The Houthis overthrew the government and seized power in Sanaa in 2015. Since then, the Houthis remain locked in conflict with the internationally recognized Yemeni government, as well as Yemen’s Arab neighbors who oppose Iran’s expanding influence.


Abdul-Malik al-Houthi

Spiritual, military, and political leader; brother of founder Hussein Badr-al-Din al-Houthi

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi

Member of the Supreme Political Council and former president of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee

Ibrahim al-Dulaimi

Ambassador to Iran

Mohammed al-Bukhaiti

Spokesman and member of the Houthi Political Council

Yahya Sarea

Military spokesman

Ahmad Ali Ahsan al-Hamzi

Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces

Mansur al-Sa’adi

Houthi Commander of Yemen’s Naval and Coastal Defense Forces

Muhammad Abd Al-Karim Al-Ghamari

Major General, Houthi Chief of General Staff

Saleh Mesfer Saleh Al Shaer

Major General, Judicial Custodian

Yusuf Al-Madani

Commander of the Houthi’s Fifth Military Region

Hasan Irlu

Iran’s envoy in Yemen

Abdul Reza Shahlai

Commander of the Quds Force in Yemen

Mohammed Tarabain Chamas

Member of Hezbollah’s counterintelligence element in the TBA, principal administrator of the Shopping Uniamérica (previously known as Galería Page) building, Hezbollah fundraiser, private secretary for U.S-designated Hezbollah leader Muhammad Yusif Abdall

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