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Extremism News Roundup

Eye on Extremism: September 29, 2020

“The suspect in the stabbing of two people outside the former Paris office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has confessed and said his attack was directed at the publication because it printed cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad, a French judicial official said on Saturday. Charlie...
Extremism News Roundup

Eye on Extremism: September 25, 2020

“The Trump administration is preparing to remove Sudan from a list of states that sponsor terrorism, seeking another foreign policy victory before the election but putting at risk the compensation for victims of terrorist attacks that American courts have concluded were carried out with...
Extremism News Roundup

Eye on Extremism: September 24, 2020

“A huge Brutalist entrance gate, topped with the red national flag, stands before archetypal Chinese government buildings. There is no sign identifying the complex, only an inscription bearing an exhortation from Communist Party founding father Mao Zedong: "Stay true to our founding mission...
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Al-Shabaab Attacks Escalate As Somalia Prepares For National Elections

As Somalis prepare for only their third general election in 60 years, al-Shabaab has been escalating its attacks throughout the country. More than a dozen deadly attacks were reported over the last week alone, underscoring al-Shabaab’s unrelenting campaign of violence despite ongoing U.S. airstrikes on the terrorist group.