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“The UK and the EU must recognize the semantic fallacy of a difference between the military and political wings of Hezbollah,” said David Ibsen, the executive director of the Counter-Extremism Project, a US-based non-government organization. “There is only one Hezbollah, a...
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Eye on Extremism: January 16

“The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) planned to attack the Statue of Liberty in New York City with pressure cooker bombs, it has been revealed. Munther Omar Saleh, 21, and Fareed Mumuni, 22, both from New York, have pleaded guilty to conspiring to support ISIS and plotting a bomb blast in the...
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Eye on Extremism: January 15

“A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up in central Baghdad early Monday, killing 27 people and injuring scores more in the first major attack in the capital since Iraq declared victory over the Islamic State in December. The attack also breached one of Baghdad’s most secure areas,...
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Eye on Extremism: January 12

“The U.S. government has issued a warning for American travelers to ‘exercise extreme caution’ in France because of the threat of extremist attacks, after French security services revealed they had foiled as many as 20 plots in 2017. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told Le Progres newspaper...
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Militias Beholden to Iran Complicate Future of Iraq

CEP released updated resources on three of Iraq's most powerful Shiite militias, part of a government sanctioned umbrella group that is heavily funded by and beholden to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Several of the groups have fought extensively on Iran's behalf in Syria.

Continuing Availability of ISIS Bomb Making Videos on Google Platforms

One of ISIS’s most notorious bomb-making videos is frequently and continually uploaded to Google web platforms, and there is little indication that the company is taking the appropriate steps to prevent these reuploads. “You Must Fight Them O Muwahhid” is one of ISIS’s...

Extremism News Roundup

Eye on Extremism: January 11

“The top enlisted leader in the US military has issued a stark and graphic warning to all remaining ISIS fighters: Surrender or face a violent death at the hands of coalition forces, who will carry out the task using anything from bombs to entrenchment shovels. Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Troxell,...
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Eye on Extremism: January 10

“The European Commission is demanding social media platforms share illegal content with police amid broader threats of imposing EU-wide legislation to enforce the takedown of such material. In a closed-door meeting in Brussels on Tuesday (9 January) between several EU commissioners and some 20...