Davide Pirillo, National Director and Calabrian Regional Secretary of Forza Nuova, May 20, 2015

“A nation that respects itself will not allow itself to be invaded by ‘hosting’ millions of desperate people who continue to be desperate even in Italy, where they heavily burden and significantly influence social spending [which is] taken from the Italians in a time of strong economic uncertainty.”“Immigrazione: Pirillo (Forza Nuova), “Una Nazione che si rispetti non si fa invadere ospitando,” Lamezia Oggi (Lamezia Terme), May 20, 2015,

Mirco Ottaviani, Emilia-Romagna Regional Director of Forza Nuova, May 10, 2015

In reference to Forza Nuova’s publication of a list of hotels who served immigrants:

“[I want people to] get a closer look at the true faces of those who, for 30 denari, are willing to betray their own fatherland and countrymen.” “Forza Nuova verga la lista nera degli alberghi con i profughi,” Romagna Noi (Rome), May 10, 2015,

Roberto Fiore, Forza Nuova Leader, March 2008

“On immigration we have always been very clear: we aren’t and we never will be animated with feelings of hatred, we know perfectly well that this phenomenon is very serious. It threatens to kill our culture, destroy the safety of our people and our families, hit us in our weakest points: our children, our wives, our mothers. So, what we propose is very simple: immigration should be immediately blocked.”“Roberto Fiore sull’immigrazione - Atessa –,” Youtube video, 10:02, posted by CindaOrtona, November 5, 2013,

Roberto Fiore, Forza Nuova Leader, March 2008

“We [Forza Nuova] believe that there is an ontological difference between the races. I don’t have problems with foreigners, I’m married to a Spanish woman and we have ten children. But I say no to non-European immigrants and to the Roma.”Alessandro Trocino, “Fiore e il ‘contagio fascista’: un passato che non passa nonostante il doppio petto,” Corriere della Sera (Milan), March 21, 2008,

David Duke, founder and former leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, 1977

“The Mexican birthrate in this country is five times that of white people. The black birthrate is four times larger. America will become a Third World nation if these trends continue. Unless we slow down and cut off immigration by beefing up border control and encourage welfare recipients to have fewer kids, the white population in America will be swamped.”“Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed November 13, 2015,