The Knights Party, 1997

“But there are those who speak of ideals, who can’t figure out what’s so great about two guys cuddling up for a romantic evening (ugh), who find it odd those who speak of rights are quick to end the rights of the unborn, and there are those who understand the concepts of genocide and how interracial mixing promotes it and the destruction of the white race.”“Young People,” The Knights Party, accessed September 2, 2015,

Eldon Edwards, Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, May 5, 1957

“I sure will believe in segregation for the simple reason we believe in preserving and protecting God’s word. He created the white man. He intended for him to stay white. He created the nigger. He intended for him to stay black. And we believe that Mongolization destroys both races and creates a Mongol which is not a race.”Eldon Edwards, “The Mike Wallace Interview,” May 5, 1957,

Hiram Wesley Evans, Imperial Wizard, Ku Klux Klan, December 1925

“Also, we believe that races of men are as distinct as animals; that any mixture between races of any great divergence is evil; that the American stock, which was bred under highly selective surroundings, has proved its value and should not be mongrelized…”Hiram Wesley Evans, “The Klan: Defender of Americanism,” in The Twenties in Contemporary Commentary: The Ku Klux Klan, ed. National Humanities Center (Research Triangle Park, NC: National Humanities Center, 2012), 2, Originally published as “The Klan: Defender of Americanism,” Forum, December 1925,