Right-wing Extremism

Three Years After Finsbury Park Mosque Attack: CEP Welcomes Commission For Countering Extremism’s Efforts To Combat Hate Crimes and Hate Speech

Three years ago, Darren Osbourne drove a van into a crowd of worshippers outside The Finsbury Park Mosque, killing one and wounding ten people. Osbourne was not a devout ideologue. He had become radicalized in less than a month through the rapid consumption of far-right online material. He devoured social media posts from former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson, members of Britain First, and other right-wing extremists.

One Year After Quebec City Mosque Attack

CEP is providing resources on extremism and counter-extremism in Canada on the anniversary of the January 29 attack at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City. Right-wing extremist Alexandre Bissonnette is accused of carrying out the attack that killed six people and wounded 19.

Right-Wing Groups In EU Gaining Political Clout

Right-wing extremist groups have traditionally rejected democratic values, particularly equality. They have, however, used the democratic process to gain strength across Europe in recent years. Last year, right-wing extremist political parties...