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CEP Researcher Joshua Fisher-Birch interviewed on podcast: "The myth of stolen elections has the potential to be used in the future to sow discord and distrust, promote violence, and delegitimize future elections. Denying the results of an election when they are unfavorable to you goes against democratic principles and can empower right-wing extremist groups and future authoritarians." 

"The Christchurch Call currently has 54 government signatories as well as the European commission, the Council of Europe, UNESCO, and multiple tech companies, including the largest social media and video streaming sites in the U.S. and Europe."

"Awareness is key. It's important to educate yourself about the threat posed by the extreme right to individuals and society as a whole. Learning about the white supremacist movements and then also learning about what people have done in the past to expose them, to create resilient communities, it's very important to do that as well, and to see how people have fought back against it." 

August 16, 2022
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“It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over”: Extreme Right-Wing Foreign Fighters in Ukraine

In the late Summer of 2014, as I sat in the canteen of the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) in Warsaw, a report on RT (Russia Today) caught my eye. It zoomed in on four Frenchmen who traveled to Donetsk to fight in the Ukraine war on...

EU Far Right Exploits Fear of Terrorism

It’s no secret that right-wing groups in Europe are gaining momentum. Organizations and political parties such as France’s National Front, Hungary’s Jobbik, Greek's Golden Dawn and Italy’s Forza Nuova are gaining popularity as the people of Europe...

Right-Wing Groups In EU Gaining Political Clout

Right-wing extremist groups have traditionally rejected democratic values, particularly equality. They have, however, used the democratic process to gain strength across Europe in recent years. Last year, right-wing extremist political parties...

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.

In Their Own Words:

So you go to India, and if you see a Hindu walking down the road you are allowed to kill him and take his money, is that clear? Jews should be killed ... as by Hitler. People with British passports, if you fly into Israel, it is easy. Fly into Israel and do whatever you can. If you die, you are up in paradise. How do you fight a Jew? You kill a Jew. In the case of Hindus, by bombing their businesses.

Abdullah Faisal, ISIS Propagandist Undated
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