The Charcoal Connection: Illegal Harvests Fuel Terrorism

A June 2014 UN Environment Program (UNEP) report reveals that illegally harvested timber has become a key source of revenue for terror groups. Additionally, the report states that the scale of the illegal timber trade “has been totally underestimated...

Al-Qaeda’s Hostage Business

Al-Qaeda cells and affiliated groups are increasingly reliant on the money they collect through kidnap-and-ransom operations. Although each group develops its own financial strategy, hostage-taking is a consistent and major source of income for AQ...

ISIS Incorporated

From the Sinai Peninsula to Libya, jihadist groups have pledged allegiance to ISIS. The self-proclaimed “Islamic State” is exploiting its brand name to build loyalty and lure recruits. ------------------- ISIS the Brand In an audio recording released...

Two Sides to the Islamic State Coin

ISIS has declared its intention to issue its own currency, an ‘Islamic State’ dinar coin minted in gold, silver and copper. ISIS’s ideology will be greatly served if it can implement its own system of coinage. First and foremost, the issuance of...

Daily Dose

Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On September 23, 2021, the Houthis began a siege on Marib’s al-Abdiyah district, sparking a humanitarian crisis as the rebels blocked medical and other humanitarian aid. Aid workers on the ground accused the Houthis of committing genocide by denying access to humanitarian organizations and shelling hospitals and other vulnerable civilian targets.   

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