CEP Senior Advisor Alexander Ritzmann contributed to the European Commission's Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Practitioners Spotlight magazine, writing the article, "A Psychological Perspective on Conspiracy Narratives Fostering Anti-Government Sentiment": "People who believe in conspiracy narratives are often trying to fix a problem. In many cases, they are in some kind of personal crisis (e.g. financial debt, reputation loss, job loss, partner loss) when they subscribe to stories claiming for example that a small “hidden (Jewish) elite” is running the world, that “white people” are being systematically replaced or that Bill Gates is using the COVID 19 pandemic to put microchips in peoples bodies to control them."

October 20, 2022
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The Charcoal Connection: Illegal Harvests Fuel Terrorism

A June 2014 UN Environment Program (UNEP) report reveals that illegally harvested timber has become a key source of revenue for terror groups. Additionally, the report states that the scale of the illegal timber trade “has been totally underestimated...

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