Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates 9-Year Anniversary of Arab Spring

The Muslim Brotherhood is celebrating the nine-year anniversary of the Arab Spring this year. Despite coordinating and executing terror attacks against fellow Egyptians, support for the Brotherhood has remained resilient across Egyptian society. This is in large part due to its investments the Brotherhood has made over decades to develop a robust infrastructure and social support networks that have ingratiated millions of Egyptians to its leadership.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey

On the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood, CEP is publishing resources on the history and recent activities of the group in Egypt and Turkey, Since its inception in Egypt 90 years ago, the Muslim Brotherhood has fought for the establishment of a global caliphate ruled by sharia law. 

Hamas Updates Message, but Violent Ideology, Mission Remain Unchanged

CEP said today that cosmetic policy language announced by Hamas does not translate to changes in the group’s violent and extremist ideology. At a Doha, Qatar press conference, Hamas released the policy document, which does not replace its 1988 charter. Moreover, the new language has no bearing on Hamas’s commitment to violent “armed resistance” against Israel, and the “liberation” of all of Palestine “from the river to the sea.”

ISIS Church Bombings Fit Pattern of Targeting Christian, Jewish Sites

The April 9 ISIS bombings at two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt that killed 49 people fit a grisly pattern of extremists targeting Christian and Jewish sites, CEP noted, in releasing its new analysis report, Terror Targets in the West: Where and Why. The report includes detailed case studies of al-Qaeda and ISIS attacks and their justifications for choosing their targets. 

The Not Really New Hamas Political Platform

In a bid to better its international standing, Hamas unveiled its new political platform May 1 in Qatar. Despite what are being marketed as ideological compromises, the new document is depressingly similar to its old political platform. What it reveals, instead of any meaningful movement toward...

Muslim Brotherhood Buffeted by Shifting Winds

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi rose and fell from power within the space of one year. Elected president of Egypt in June 2012, Morsi was removed from office by the country’s military leaders in July 2013. During this time and in response to his ouster,...