CEP Strategic Advisor writes: "The rumblings began before the book was even published. When the book came out in January though, Bergeaud-Blackler, no stranger to sensitive subjects, could not have anticipated the response. The denunciations came thick and fast, some from Islamist sympathisers in the media and academic sphere, some from those who believed they were defending Muslims against a bigoted screed. The author’s conference at the Sorbonne was cancelled (since rescheduled) without a proper explanation. As the controversy grew, death threats arrived."

May 29, 2023
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"Hans-Jakob Schindler of the Berlin-based Counter Extremism Project told the Bundestag that the dearth of information about the financing of Islamist groups in Germany is partly due to 'legal gaps and hurdles, existing limitations on the powers of the security authorities, as well as a lack of transparency requirements' for mosques and Islamic associations. He said that the legislative proposals could lead to 'major improvements' in filling the knowledge gap (Erkenntnislücke) about the financing of Islamism in Germany."

March 31, 2023
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October 29, 2021

CEP Spotlight: Liam Duffy

Following the October 15 murder of U.K. Member of Parliament David Amess by a man believed to have radical Islamist motivations, Counter Extremism Project (CEP) Strategic Advisor Liam Duffy published an op-ed in The Telegraph about an act of violence...

Confronting the Drivers of Radicalism

The triple bombings in Brussels that killed 31 people serves as a reminder that despite almost 15 years since 9/11, there has been a fundamental failure among Muslims from the government level down to the community level to confront the sectarian...

Daily Dose

Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On September 26, 2018, an improvised explosive device planted at the foot of a bridge exploded, killing eight soldiers in the lead vehicle of a Burkinabe military convoy traveling in northern Burkina Faso. 

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