Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General, 2002

“The US empire, which is slithering over our region, is incapable of arresting a single sniper in its capital.”Badih Chayban, “Nasrallah Alleges ‘Christian Zionist’ Plot,” Daily Star (Beirut), October 23, 2002, accessed June 3, 2014,

Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General, 2002

“Their aim is to redraw the world’s political map. It is said that several US presidents are affiliated with the Christian Zionists.”Badih Chayban, “Nasrallah Alleges ‘Christian Zionist’ Plot,” Daily Star (Beirut), October 23, 2002, accessed June 3, 2014,

Hassan Izz-al-Din, Hezbollah member, October 2002

“If they [Israel] go from Shebaa, we will not stop fighting them. Our goal is to liberate the 1948 borders of Palestine.”Jeffrey Goldberg, “A Reporter At Large: In The Part Of God (Part I),” New Yorker, October 14, 2002,

Abu Bakar Bashir, October 2002

“The government of Indonesia right now is being directed by America to service its needs and the primary need of America is to bury Islam particularly in Indonesia. Therefore, following on from this, America will be able to direct political and economic affairs in accordance with its own desires. Because of this, let us defend our religion, let us being to defend our religion… Hence our religion Islam, our nation and our country is currently being threatened by foreign races with hall manner of libels, with the bombings in Bali, with explosions everywhere, all of those are the plots of non-believers whose aims are to weaken and profane the believers of Islam. Therefore, accordingly they can exert power over this country in order that it may be taken advantage of. Brother and sisters let us hope for and be conscious of the defense of Islam, let us embark upon Jihad for Allah, let us struggle to implement the law of Allah and let us apply a unity within ourselves between all Muslims.”Zachary Abuza, Militant Islam in Southeast Asia: Crucible of Terror (Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc., 2003),167.

Imam Samudra, Bali Bombing Perpetrator, October 2002

“I hate Americans because it is the real center of international terrorism, which has already repeatedly tyrannized Islam…I carry out jihad because it’s the duty of a Muslim to avenge, so the American terrorists and their allies understand that the blood of the Muslim community is not shed for nothing.”Greg Fealy, “Hating Americans: Jemaah Islamiyah and the Bali Bombings,” International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter #31, July 2003,

Ramadan Shallah, PIJ secretary-general, June 2002

“If America is the one to divide the world into the ‘camp of the good’ and the ‘camp of the evil,’ and if it puts the Palestinian people and its Jihad fighters on the evil side, claiming that the martyrs are evil, then we say: ‘Allah, make us all evil, [make us all] anger America and blow up in the heart of this cursed Zionist entity….’” “Profile: Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” Fox News, February 20, 2003,

Ahmed Yassin, Hamas founder, June 2002

“We reject this US domination and this frantic war. From our side, we concentrate on striking blows to it here in Palestine, with the aim of ironing out the Jewish entity in Palestine, which is the cause of trouble in the world... America... always works in favor of the existence of the Israeli entity... This is mainly due to the Zionist-Christian conviction and the 70 million Americans who follow the Protestant creed, which is in favor of Jews against the Muslims. The same applies to most of Britain's population... Because the Israeli and American enemies are ravaging the earth; they do not believe in anything besides power. The Ummah must adopt the principle of Jihad and fighting the enemies.”“Hamas in Their Own Words,” Anti-Defamation League, May 2, 2011,

HT Britain leaflet, March 2002

“Today the mujahideen in Palestine provide us with the best of examples. The youth are competing in the martyrdom operations [i.e., suicide attacks].”David Leigh, “Background: Hizb ut-Tahrir,” Guardian (London), July 22, 2005,

HT Britain leaflet, March 2002

“Kill them [Jews] wherever you find them and turn them out from where they have turned you out.”“Hizb ut-Tahrir Emerges in America,” Anti-Defamation League, July 25, 2013,

Unnamed PIJ leader, 2002

“The Zionist entity shows us nothing but naked and brutal power, which makes any kind of restraint on our part impossible. We don't have tanks or Apaches or F-16s, but we have the determination to be martyrs.”Muhammad Muslih, “‘They Took Our Land, so Why Shouldn’t I Kill Them?” New York Times, April 26, 2002,