Extremist Content Online: Steam Hosts Multiple Groups Promoting Neo-Nazi Propaganda, Pro-ISIS Content Found On Instagram

(New York, N.Y.)The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) reports weekly on the methods used by extremists to exploit the Internet and social media platforms to recruit followers and incite violence. Last week, CEP researchers identified multiple users and groups promoting neo-Nazi propaganda, antisemitic content, and violence on the gaming platform and social network Steam.

In addition, CEP located a Telegram channel that promoted a webstore on the e-commerce platform Big Cartel selling white supremacist clothing, as well as dozens of Telegram accounts that celebrated the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and glorified the bomber.

Further, CEP located a channel on Google-owned YouTube affiliated with the Greek neo-Nazi political party Golden Dawn supporting Rise Above Movement co-founder Rob Rundo, and multiple accounts on Meta-owned Instagram promoting ISIS propaganda – including one ISIS video that first appeared online more than six years ago – and accounts belonging to neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

Lastly, al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) released a new statement condemning Israel, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh on the main al-Qaeda propaganda website, and a guide outlining the process of building an improvised remote detonator was located on JustPaste.It.

Multiple Steam Users and Groups Located that Promote Neo-Nazism, Antisemitism, Fascism, Violence

In searches conducted on April 17, CEP located 13 groups on the gaming platform and social media site Steam that promoted the extreme right. Groups included those that promoted a pro-Nazi propaganda video, the British Union of Fascists, the Nordic Resistance Movement, and an anti-technology neo-Nazi group that advocated violence against Jews. Other accounts promoted antisemitism, including a well-known antisemitic caricature and a group name that alleged that Jews were responsible for the September 11 attacks. Other groups made multiple references to esoteric neo-Nazism.

CEP also located eight users on Steam who promoted neo-Nazism, antisemitism, or white supremacy. One account used an image that glorified the 2015 Charleston church shooter. Another account promoted a notorious antisemitic website. Additional accounts advocated for neo-Nazism, including neo-Nazi accelerationism. CEP has previously located multiple examples of group pages on Steam that promoted white supremacism, fascism, or the extreme right, of which several had been permitted to remain online for several years.

eco pr 042423_1

Fascist group on Steam. Screenshot taken on April 17, 2023.

Steam’s Content Rules prohibit posting “threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke.”

Web Store Operated by Admin of White Supremacist Telegram Channel Removed from Big Cartel

On April 17, CEP located a store on the e-commerce platform Big Cartel that the administrator of a white supremacist Telegram channel operated. The store sold clothing that promoted neo-Nazism and associated themes. The e-commerce website’s policies prohibit content that is “obscene, hateful, threatening” or that “promote(s)…discriminatory or malicious activity.” Big Cartel swiftly removed the store after CEP reported it.

White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi Telegram Accounts Celebrate Anniversary of Oklahoma City Bombing

On April 19, dozens of white supremacist and neo-Nazi Telegram accounts celebrated the 28th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Channels and chat users posted content glorifying the perpetrator of the attack, Timothy McVeigh, including referring to him as a “saint” to be emulated and calling for additional acts of terrorist violence.

YouTube Channel Affiliated with Golden Dawn Posts Video Supporting Rob Rundo

On April 9, a YouTube channel affiliated with the Greek neo-Nazi political party Golden Dawn posted a video supporting American Rob Rundo and advertising a website that sells neo-Nazi clothing. Rundo, the co-founder of the Rise Above Movement and founder of the network of active clubs, was taken into custody in Romania in March after a U.S. court issued a new indictment against him in January. The video condemned “globalists who threaten our race” and contained a soundtrack from a white power band and had over 1,600 views within 11 days.

Pro-ISIS and White Supremacist Accounts Located on Instagram

In a sample of content located on Instagram on April 19, CEP researchers found five pro-ISIS and five white supremacist accounts on Meta-owned Instagram. The pro-ISIS accounts posted clips taken from official ISIS videos, a video advertising the URL of an ISIS website, and ISIS audio. One account posted clips of executions as an Instagram story. The footage was originally from the ISIS video “Deterring the Hired 2,” released on October 15, 2016. The pro-ISIS accounts had an average of 343 followers.

eco pr 042423_2

Clip including execution scene from the ISIS video Deterring the Hired 2,” originally released on October 15, 2016, available as a “story” in Instagram. Screenshot taken on April 19, 2023.

White supremacist accounts on Instagram included one for an active club chapter in Germany and one in the U.S.’s plains region. Both accounts included white supremacist symbols and had 188 and 145 followers, respectively. CEP has previously found multiple other active club accounts on Instagram that the platform has not removed.

CEP also located an Instagram account for the Australian neo-Nazi group National Socialist Network, which has stated that they support “white revolution” for the purpose of taking power, with almost 200 followers. CEP also located an account recruiting for the White Lives Matter Movement, with 81 followers. An Instagram account was also found for a notorious now deceased anti-civilization neo-Nazi who promoted the book Siege and acts of sexual violence. A previous account belonging to the same neo-Nazi was removed approximately three years ago.

CEP reported all 10 accounts to Instagram on April 19. Two pro-ISIS accounts were removed. All five accounts that promoted white supremacism, including the active club profiles, were still available on April 24.

AQIS Releases Statement

On April 18, al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) released a statement on the main al-Qaeda propaganda website condemning Israel for “desecrating the al-Aqsa Mosque and torturing the worshippers (present).” The communique stated that similar events are occurring in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and specifically accused India of trying to eliminate Islam. The post called for reaffirming religious faith and warned that religious scholars must follow through on their words and avoid hypocrisy.  

Instructions for Making Explosive Detonators Located on JustPaste.It

On April 12, CEP researchers located a page on JustPaste.It that contained instructions for the homemade manufacture of detonators for explosive devices using commercially available two-way radios. The page was published by the pro-ISIS online group al-Saqri Foundation, which publishes guides on the homemade creation of explosive devices, poisons, and other information helpful in committing acts of terrorism. The page received over 200 views within two days. JustPaste.It removed the page after CEP reported it. CEP researchers found a similar set of instructions on December 5.

eco pr 042423_3

Al-Saqri post on JustPaste.It, screenshot taken on April 12.

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