"Liam Duffy, an adviser to the Counter Extremism Project, said Islamist extremists should be perceived as 'more than a terrorist threat'. He said the UK should not fall into complacency despite no deaths from terrorism being recorded last year. 'There are long, long periods between terrorist attacks, between recruitment flows to overseas conflicts, where to our eyes nothing happens,' he said. 'But that’s not the case. There is a lot happening and we need to know what is happening.'"

May 17, 2023
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CEP Strategic Advisor Liam Duffy: "It’s a question both implicit and explicit in much of the coverage since the night of 22nd May 2017. It’s a question explored by Sir John Saunders in his Manchester Arena bombing inquiry, published yesterday. The conventional answer is that suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was radicalised. But what if he wasn’t radicalised – at least not in the way we understand?"

March 2, 2023
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November 21, 2022

ICYMI: CEP Launches The 4R Network

On November 16, the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) publicly launched the Radicalization, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Recidivism (4R) Network, with a web event featuring CEP leadership and international experts in a conversation moderated by...

Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022

CEP Webinar: Launch of the 4R Network | November 16, 2022

On November 16, 2022, the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) hosted a webinar launching the Radicalization, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Recidivism (4R) Network, a program designed to establish a national ecosystem of actors in the United States bound by common standards to facilitate a whole-of-society approach to extremist offender reintegration and recidivism reduction. 

[Visit https://4rnetwork.org to learn more!] 

To date, there exists no formal, in-prison recidivism reduction program in the U.S. tailored for convicted terrorists, nor a fully realized post-release initiative to support the re-entry and reintegration of terrorism-related offenders in the country. The 4R Network, which is supported by a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) grant, seeks to fill gaps in both knowledge and programming.

The event, hosted in a webinar format via Zoom and moderated by DHS Deputy Director of the Center for Prevention Programs & Partnerships (CP3) Michael A. Brown, explored the challenges that the 4R Network intends to meet, as well as what lessons the United States can learn from other contexts, in a discussion with a panel of CEP leadership and international experts.



Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler
Senior Director, Counter Extremism Project

Michael Niconchuk
Program Director, Trauma & Violent Conflict, Beyond Conflict

Robert Örell
Member, Steering Committee for EU Radicalization Awareness Network

Sofia Koller
Senior Research Analyst, Counter Extremism Project

Dr. Juncal Fernandez-Garayzabal
Program Manager, Counter Extremism Project


Michael A. Brown
Deputy Director (Acting), Field Operations, U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Center for Prevention Programs & Partnerships (CP3)

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Prevent Prisons From Becoming Jihadist Factories

The “mastermind” of the November 13 Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was radicalized in a Belgian prison while serving time for theft . Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket shooters Amedy Coulibaly and Cherif Kouachi also spent time in jail...

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.

In Their Own Words:

We reiterate once again that the brigades will directly target US bases across the region in case the US enemy commits a folly and decides to strike our resistance fighters and their camps [in Iraq].

Abu Ali al-Askari, Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH) Security Official Mar. 2023
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