Enforcement of Policies/Terms of Service
YouTube, Enforcement of Policies/Terms of Service||Felicia Woron
On April 26, 2017, a YouTube user uploaded a fan-made video glorifying ISIS suicide bombers.
YouTube’s recent decision to again boost the requirement for videos that can be paired with paid advertising demonstrates the company’s ongoing challenge of monitoring and removing problematic content, including extremist and terrorist material.
CEP recently discovered that WordPress, the world’s most popular website management and blogging platform, is providing technical support to the website of Scottish Dawn, a banned British neo-Nazi group.
Despite Google’s stated commitment to removing extremist videos, and ISIS propaganda, the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) continues to identify violent extremist content on Google’s video sharing platform, YouTube.
In a June 18 blog post, Google discussed its plans to tackle terrorist videos on its platforms—in particular YouTube.
In a June 15 statement, Facebook described plans to reduce and remove the amount of terrorist content on its platforms, including by developing artificial intelligence capabilities, expanding its com