David Ibsen
Telegram, white supremacists, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
“Loosely Enforced” Rules Against Far-Right Contradicts Action Against ISIS Content
YouTube, David Ibsen, Section 230||CEP Staff
Rhetoric Contradicts Tech’s Efforts to Lobby Against Legislation and Failure to Abide by Existing Policies
Twitter, Hezbollah, Hamas, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Following Public Outrage and Criticism from U.S. Lawmakers, Twitter Reverses Policy
Facebook, Reactive Policy Changes, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Facebook’s Latest Reactive Policy Change Meaningless Without Proper Enforcement
Cloudflare, Sanctions Violations, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Company Acknowledges it has Provided Services to Individuals, Entities Blacklisted by U.S. Government
Australia, Extremist Material, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Tech Companies Can No Longer Rely On False Claims