Cloudflare, Sanctions Violations, David Ibsen||CEP Staff
Company Acknowledges it has Provided Services to Individuals, Entities Blacklisted by U.S. Government
Cloudflare, Tucows, David Ibsen, Joshua Fisher-Birch||CEP Staff
Tech Companies Criticized for Providing Services to Extremists
Cloudflare, 8chan||Joshua Fisher-Birch, Content Review Specialist
In a significant move, Matthew Prince, the CEO of the web infrastructure and security company Cloudflare, announced on August 5 that the company would cease providing services to the notorious forum 8chan.
Mozilla, Cloudflare, EU Terror Content Regulation||CEP Staff
Mozilla & Cloudflare Endorse Claim Proposed Regulations Will do “Nothing” to Reduce Threats of Terror
Extremist Content Online, Cloudflare||CEP Staff
A new European far-right group calling themselves Order of Dawn has apparently started a cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaign for their violent “Reconquista” of Europe. Order of Dawn endorses racism and anti-Semitism.
Cloudflare||Joshua Fisher-Birch
If you’ve ever used the Internet, you’ve visited a site protected by Cloudflare.