Tech & Terrorism: U.K. Accuses Alleged Leader Of Sonnenkrieg Division Of Terrorism, Antisemitism

(New York, N.Y.) – The alleged leader of the white supremacy group Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD), Andrew Dymock, is standing trial in the U.K. on a string of terrorism offenses relating to the promotion of the neo-Nazi System Resistance Network (SRN), a banned far-right group that preaches antisemitic hatred and terrorism. He is accused of attempting to incite a British “race war” against people of color, which included “the expulsion of all minorities.” Dymock was also allegedly a member of SRN and utilized the group’s website and social media platforms to distribute violent antisemitic propaganda online.

According to the charges, Dymock used SRN’s website and Twitter account to call for the extermination of Jews from society. Articles allegedly written by Dymock incorporated misinformation and denial of the Holocaust, in addition to numerous calls for violence and murder against the Jewish people. According to the BBC, Dymock also allegedly used “the SRN Twitter account to link to a ‘terrorist publication’ that glorified the murder of Jo Cox MP in graphic and offensive terms….”

SKD is the British chapter of the U.S.-based Atomwaffen Division (AWD). AWD was a neo-Nazi organization that sought the creation of a National Socialist government through a violent “white revolution,” and believed that a race war is inevitable. AWD disbanded in 2020 but regrouped and rebranded as National Socialist Order (NSO). Like AWD/NSO, SKD follows a neo-Nazi ideology promoted by James Mason, a former American Nazi Party member and a follower of cult leader Charles Manson.

Private messages exchanged online by SKD group members in 2018 labeled the United Kingdom’s Prince Harry a “race traitor” for marrying a mixed-race woman and called for him to be shot. In other private online messages, Dymock called for police officers to be raped and killed. Group members have also called for white women who date non-white men to be hanged. Dymock was previously arrested in December 2018 on terror offenses. Both Dymock and SKD member Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski formerly belonged to SRN, an alias of the banned British white supremacist group National Action. In June 2019, Dunn-Koczorowski and fellow SKD member Michal Szewczuk were imprisoned for terror offenses. Dymock’s trial is ongoing in London. He has denied all the charges against him.

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