Atomwaffen Division / National Socialist Order / National Socialist Resistance Front


German for "atomic weapons," Atomwaffen Division (AWD) is a neo-Nazi organization that seeks the creation of a National Socialist government through a violent "white revolution," and believes that a race war is inevitable.* The group promotes Nazi and satanic propaganda in pursuit of "total Aryan victory."* AWD gained national prominence after some of its members attacked counter-protesters at the August 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Police also suspect individual AWD members to be the perpetrators of multiple murders throughout 2017 and 2018.* The FBI arrested multiple AWD members in February 2020 on harassment charges, leading to the group’s alleged disbanding the following month.* In July 2020, former AWD members reorganized as National Socialist Order (NSO) in order to “build an Aryan, National Socialist world by any means necessary.”* In November 2021, a splinter group of former AWD members angered NSO by claiming to revive AWD.*

AWD followed a neo-Nazi ideology promoted by James Mason, a former American Nazi Party member and a follower of cult leader Charles Manson.* During the 1980s, Mason wrote a series of pro-Manson and pro-Nazi newsletters that he called Siege and later compiled into a book of the same name.* Users on the now-defunct fascist web forum Iron March formed AWD after discovering Siege. They based AWD's ideology on Mason's ideas of autonomous terror cells fighting a guerilla war against "the system."*

A 2018 joint ProPublica and PBS investigation identified multiple active-duty and former U.S. soldiers in AWD, including co-founder Brandon Russell, who served in the Florida National Guard.* These AWD members have reportedly organized training sessions in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry.* ProPublica identified active-duty Marine Vasillios Pistolis as an AWD cell leader responsible for physical attacks during the 2017 Charlottesville protest.* The Marines court martialed, jailed, and discharged Pistolis after the public revelation of his identity.*

Other far-right groups have condemned AWD as a cult front for the British neo-Nazi Satanist group the Order of the Nine Angles (ONA or O9A). In January 2018, a former AWD member wrote online that the group had been infiltrated by Satanists. According to leaked chat transcripts, several AWD members resigned as of March 2018 because of the growing occult fixation, while others embraced the satanic imagery.*

On February 26, 2020, federal authorities arrested former AWD leader John Cameron Denton and four other members—Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe, Johnny Roman Garza, Kaleb Cole, and Cameron Brandon Shea—on multiple harassment charges, including sending antisemitic and racist threats to journalists and participation in swatting conspiracies. Swatting is a harassment tactic that involves misleading dispatchers with information on an imminent threat in a specific location, leading authorities to respond in full force, including a SWAT team response. Authorities accused Shea and Cole of leading the conspiracy.* Parker-Dipeppe and Garza pled guilty in September 2020 to federal conspiracy charges after attempting to harass and intimidate journalists and minorities.* In December 2020, Garza was sentenced to 16 months in prison.* In March 2021, a federal judge sentenced Parker-Dipeppe to time served, claiming the defendant had already suffered enough because he had concealed his transgender identity from the rest of AWD.Gene Johnson, “No prison time for transgender ex-neo-Nazi in threat case,” Associated Press, March 31, 2021, Shea pled guilty in April 2021 to federal conspiracy and hate crime charges for threatening journalists and advocates who worked to expose antisemitism.* He was sentenced that August to three years in prison.* Denton was sentenced in May 2021 to 41 months in prison.* Cole was convicted in January 2022 and sentenced to seven years in prison.*

The February 2020 arrests raised AWD’s national profile and brought increased focus on the group from federal authorities. In early March 2020, Politico reported the U.S. government sought to designate a white supremacist group as a foreign terrorist organization. Former U.S. government officials and counterterrorism analysts suggested AWD could be designated.* On March 9, 2020, an alleged audio recording by Mason announced AWD would immediately disband due to increasing pressure from authorities. According to the recording, anything found online in the future claiming to be from AWD is fake.*

On July 25, 2020, a group of former AWD leaders announced the reorganization of AWD into the National Socialist Order (NSO). NSO leaders claimed they learned from the mistakes of AWD, pointing to a lack of ideological cohesion. The NSO leaders further claimed they had built the NSO with a new leadership dedicated to creating an “Aryan, National Socialist world by any means necessary.”* NSO declared itself to be a U.S.-based organization dedicated to Adolf Hitler and in “support the overthrow of all Jew-controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.”* According to NSO’s official program, NSO completely rejects the current social-political world order, which the group denounced as a “left-wing framework cultivated by the Jew.”* The group further called for all members to be armed and “ready at a moment’s notice” as its priority is to “seize territorial power by any means necessary.”* In September 2020, NSO members put up NSO stickers on business fronts in Colorado. The stickers had images of Adolf Hitler, a swastika, and a recruitment email address.* The following month, Ukraine deported two men identified as AWD members who had reportedly attempted to create a local chapter, despite Mason’s dissolution of AWD earlier that summer. The two also allegedly attempted to join a Ukrainian military unit to receive training.* NSO has affirmed it is a U.S.-based organization but supports “the overthrow of all Jew-controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.”*

NSO announced itself on the newly created American Futurist website, created by former Iron March members who had long followed Mason and Siege. The website’s language mirrored that previously found on the Siege Culture website, the now-defunct site administered by Iron March members that hosted Mason’s writings. The site’s administrators claimed the site was not a reorganization of AWD or any other group. According to the site’s administrators, its purpose is to “spread the message and ideas of James Mason” and American Futurism,* which they define as “Fascism based on Anti-Tradition; or, to put it better, anti-modern Jew-influenced traditions.”* NSO launched a new website in January 2022. The site announced NSO as an AWD successor group founded by its remaining leadership who were not arrested in February 2020.* The website proclaims NSO members are “strict followers of the worldview established by our Führer, Adolf Hitler.”* According to NSO’s program, it was dedicated to “promoting radical autonomy while fomenting a revolutionary atmosphere.”* NSO declares its goal is to seize territorial power “by any means necessary.”* To accomplish this, NSO requires all members to be armed and instantly ready for combat. Antisemitism is rampant on NSO’s website as the group blames Jews for the current failed political system and believes the Aryan race should control the planet.*

On November 8, 2021, a second self-proclaimed group of former AWD members posted an announcement on the National Socialist/fascist website Das Paradies that AWD was reorganizing to provide guidance to the broader fascist movement. The announcement called Mason’s March 2020 statement disbanding AWD “now officially defunct” and “nothing more than a bad memory.”* The posting also emphasized AWD and NSO are separate organizations.* On November 9, the American Futurist and Mason both denounced the new AWD. A post on the American Futurist site announced the American Futurist and Mason no longer supported Das Paradies. According to the post, Mason was furious about the new AWD. American Futurist editor-in-chief “Texas Pete” claimed the new AWD was run by a former member and an associate of AWD founder Brandon Russell, but Russell was not involved. American Futurist editors allegedly helped build the Das Paradies website, which its founders had promoted as a survivalism and camping website. According to Texas Pete, the Das Paradies founders misrepresented themselves to American Futurist and Mason to get their endorsement.* The same day, the new AWD announced on Das Paradies it was severing ties with the NSO, American Futurist, Mason, and Russell. According to the November 9 AWD announcement, “AWD can NEVER be disbanded again by ANYONE. Anyone trying to claim that the Atomwaffen Division is disbanded or fake is nothing more than a coward trying to hinder our efforts.”*

On November 12, the American Futurist released a video of Mason condemning the new AWD as a “stupid action on the part of one lone nut” that threatened to put other former AWD members in legal jeopardy from “the enemy government.”“James Mason Denouncement Video,” 12:02, Odysee video, posted by “The American Futurist Official,” November 12, 2021. Mason condemned “the enemy media” for spreading the “lie” of a new AWD.“James Mason Denouncement Video,” 12:02, Odysee video, posted by “The American Futurist Official,” November 12, 2021. He reiterated that AWD had retired “with all honor” in 2020 and it would continue to live in legend like the American Nazi Party and the National Socialist Liberation Front.“James Mason Denouncement Video,” 12:02, Odysee video, posted by “The American Futurist Official,” November 12, 2021. In January 2022, members of the new AWD joined members of The Base for a winter survival training exercise. According to The Base, participants shared their “knowledge of bushcraft and lifted one another up to new heights ultimately increasing our capabilities as a cohesive unit and as brothers in arms.”*

American Futurist severed ties with the NSO on September 7, 2022. Its announcement accused “bad actors” of taking over the organization on behalf of ONA and promoting “Satanism and Child Rape.”* According to the American Futurist, these bad actors attempted to remove NSO co-founder Ryan Arthur because of his opposition to Satanism. The American Futurist declared the NSO to be “dead.”* On September 12, Arthur announced on the American Futurist site that a group of former NSO members had created a new organization, the National Socialist Resistance Front (NSRF).*

On October 30, 2022, American Futurist announced it was severing ties with Mason. According to the announcement, Mason had accused Ryan Arthur of purposefully not uploading Mason’s content, stealing, lying, and other misdeeds. Allegedly the issues began in April 2022. The American Futurist also accused Mason of making negative, false statements about “AWD heroes” Cameron Denton and Kaleb Cole, blaming them for “almost getting him in trouble” and accusing them of almost causing him to go back to prison.* According to the announcement, Mason had begun working with a former NSO member named Zackary, a.k.a. “Wulfrik,” to build a new website without his supporters at American Futurist. The announcement further accused Wulfrik of being a known pedophile who had been expelled from NSO prior to its takeover by ONA. As a result, the American Futurist announced it would continue to sell and promote Siege but would sever its relations with Mason. The announcement did not address the future of the NSRF.*

On February 6, 2023, Russell and Sarah Clendaniel were charged with plotting an attack on Maryland’s power grid. The pair reportedly met while in prison. Prosecutors alleged Russell and Clendaniel planned to attack with gunfire five substations serving the Baltimore area to “inflict maximum harm.”* Authorities said they did not have evidence the plot extended beyond Russell and Clendaniel or was connected to any other threats on infrastructure across the country.*


Brandon Russell and Devon Arthurs co-founded AWD in 2015.* John Cameron Denton, a.k.a. "Rape," was the last reported leader of AWD, though Russell reaffirmed his position as leader in a May 2018 recording from prison.* Denton was arrested on February 26, 2020. The U.S. Justice Department identified him as a former leader of AWD.* Kaleb J. Cole was the reported leader of AWD's Washington state chapter. Sean Michael Fernandez was a leader of the Texas cell.* According to Vice News, a Canadian individual who goes by the pseudonym Dark Foreigner was AWD's official propagandist and graphic designer.*

Upon NSO’s creation in July 2020, a member named Ryan Arthur introduced the new group on the American Futurist website. It is unclear what Arthur’s official role was or whether this is a pseudonym.*

In September 2022, Arthur and other former members of NSO launched NSRF. Arthur posted the announcement on the American Futurist website, but NSRF’s leadership exact structure is unclear.*

Brandon Russell

Devon Arthurs

Kaleb J. Cole

Sean Michael Fernandez

Ryan Arthur

Base of Operations

AWD had no central base of operations. AWD reportedly operated chapters in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Canada, and Germany.*

NSO claimed to be a U.S.-based organization.* Nevertheless, it supports “the overthrow of all Jew-controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.”* NSRF also requires its members to reside in the United States.*

Website (suspended), (offline as of March 2019), American Futurist (NSO), NSO website launched January 2022

Membership Size and Relevance

AWD reportedly had approximately 80 members in about 20 cells around the United States as of 2018. According to a former AWD member, AWD saw a membership surge after the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. A 2018 ProPublica investigation identified AWD members in at least 23 states. According to AWD chat records, its largest chapters were in Washington, Virginia, and Texas.*

AWD also inspired the creation of likeminded groups in Canada* and overseas, including the Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD) in the United Kingdom* and Europe-based Feuerkrieg Division.* In July 2018, AWD members on the social media site Gab began displaying the name Sonnenkrieg Division, which launched its own Gab page the following month. The group is a British branch of AWD and uses similar propaganda and imagery.* Two members were imprisoned in 2019 for threatening to kill Prince Harry, whom they labeled a “race traitor” for marrying a woman of mixed race. The United Kingdom banned Sonnenkrieg Division in February 2020.* Australia banned Sonnenkrieg Division in March 2021.* In July 2020, the United Kingdom banned another AWD-linked organization, Feuerkrieg Division.* In April 2021, U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin called on the U.S. government to designate more than a dozen foreign white supremacist groups as terrorist organizations. Among the groups Slotkin specifically mentioned were Canadian AWD offshoot Northern Front, Atomwaffen Division Deutschland, Feuerkrieg Division, and Sonnenkrieg Division.*

On April 6, 2022, German police in 11 of the country’s federal states raided the homes of 50 suspected members of far-right groups, arresting four. Prosecutors accused 10 of the suspects of ties with AWD’s German arm, Atomwaffen Division Deutschland.* In January 2021, a group calling itself Atomwaffen Division Europe emerged on Telegram. The group has no official connection to AWD or NSO in the United States or with the Atomwaffen Division Deutschland.* In June 2022, German police arrested a teenager in Pottsdam who had created the Feuerkrieg Division-inspired Totenwafen (Death to Weapons).*

The Canadian government designated AWD as a terrorist organization on February 3, 2021.* Canada also designated Mason as a terrorist in June 2021 for providing ideological and tactical instruction on how to operate a terrorist group to listed entities, i.e., AWD.* The U.K. government banned AWD and NSO in April 2021.*

In February 2020, a series of arrests decimated AWD’s leadership and led the group to officially disband.* A group of former AWD leaders who were not arrested reorganized in July 2020 as NSO, which claimed to be a U.S.-centered organization. It is unclear how large its membership was.* NSO reorganized as NSRF in September 2022. Its membership size is unknown.*

Recruitment and Propaganda

James Mason's book Siege was required reading for AWD members.* In 2017, a group of Iron March members created a website for Mason's writings at* The site's administrators credited AWD for the development of the so-called Siege Culture promoting Mason and his writings.* The website was offline as of March 2019.* AWD openly embraced Nazi and satanic imagery and rhetoric based on Mason's Nazi beliefs and fealty to the late cult leader Charles Manson.* AWD members also cited Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and mass shooters Dylann Roof and Anders Breivik as inspirations.*

AWD targeted college students, teenagers, and other youth––in particular on college campuses––for recruitment.* In 2016, the group reportedly posted flyers, buttons, banners, and other propaganda adorned with Nazi imagery on eight college campuses.*

In June 2018, AWD reportedly began selling t-shirts through the online retailer Teespring in support of Sam Woodward, the AWD member who allegedly murdered Blaze Bernstein in California earlier that year.*

NSO was also dedicated to Siege and Mason. In July 2020, NSO announced itself and posted its manifesto on the pro-Siege American Futurist website. The site listed Mason and former AWD leaders among its contributors.* NSO also created accounts on Telegram and BitChute to spread propaganda.* The group declared its dedication to Adolf Hitler and support of the “overthrow of all Jew-controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.”* As its symbol, NSO adopted a sword overlaying a red swastika on a black background.* According to NSO’s official program, NSO completely rejected the current social-political world order, which the group denounced as a “left-wing framework cultivated by the Jew.”* NSO seeks to create a “revolutionary atmosphere” in order to overthrow the current socio-economic system and “liberate” the Aryan race.* NSO advertises an email address for potential recruits.*

In April 2022, German police raids targeted 10 suspected members of AWD’s German arm, Atomwaffen Division Deutschland. According to German authorities, the group has attempted to recruit young German men at universities in Berlin and Frankfurt with flyers and Internet propaganda.*Agence France-Presse, “German police raid neo-Nazi cells across country,” Guardian (London), April 6, 2022,

Like its predecessors, NSRF promotes an accelerationist agenda. The group rejects satanism and embraces the legacy of AWD and the NSO. NSRF is devoted to the ideals of Adolf Hitler and Aryanism, claiming the Aryan race must dominate the planet. The group seeks to violently eradicate non-Aryans, particularly Jews. Its logo is a white skull wearing a hat with a single SS lightning bolt and holding a dagger in its mouth, overset on a black swastika and a red background. NSRF specifically forbids satanism, in line with its accusation ONA satanists infiltrated and disrupted the NSO. The organization is dedicated to the total dominance of the Aryan race over the world and the extermination of “the Jewish subhumans,” as well as the elimination of all governments opposed to National Socialism.*

Violent Activities

AWD propaganda videos have featured members armed with assault weapons attending military-style training sessions. Leaked chat logs of AWD members include discussions of targeting U.S. power facilities and other infrastructure.* The group itself has not yet claimed any specific attacks, but individual AWD members have been linked to multiple acts of violence.


  • NSRF announcement, American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “There is no quantifying the degree to which we love our race, and of course, we have an equal amount of hate for the enemies of our race. The National Socialist Resistance Front makes this promise – we will never stop fighting for our race, and we will never cease in our struggle against our enemies. We offer no quarter – the enemies of our race deserve death. We desire a purely Aryan world, and there is nothing that we wouldn’t do to turn that beautiful dream into a reality.”*
  • NSRF announcement, American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “We intend to carry the message of Adolf Hitler as far as we can, regardless of the consequences. The National Socialist movement might seem small, and we are heavily outnumbered by our racial enemies. But, it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, and we will light as many candles as we can.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “The Jewish subhumans and their disgusting religion are a cancer that must be excised from the Earth.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “All Aryan men must be armed and ready for combat at a moment’s notice.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “Property tax is a weapon wielded by the Jew to control and enslave the world.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “All religions and spiritualities must be of Aryan Origin, and they must be totally subservient to the values of National Socialism. Those that will not must be eliminated.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “All Homosexuals and all of their fellow degenerates must be cleansed from the Earth.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “All There is no greater nobility than dying for the survival of the Aryan race.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “All Disarmament of the Aryan race is a direct attack and should be treated as an act of war against our people.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “All The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler was the Aryan spirit made into flesh and must be revered as such.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “All Any action that detracts from the goals of the Zionist world order is a noble venture.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: All lesser races must be eliminated.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “The Aryan man has no duty to anyone but his own race.”*
  • NSRF announcement, “What We Believe,” American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “Men are the only ones that should serve in any influential role, be it politics, education, the military, etc.”*
  • NSRF announcement, American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “No current nation has the interests of the Aryan race at their core, total annihilation of these governments and institution of a united National Socialist order is the paramount goal of National Socialism.”*
  • NSRF announcement, American Futurist, September 12, 2022: “Hail to the National Socialist Resistance Front! And HEIL HITLER!”*
  • NSO website, January 2022: “We have bided our time, learned from AWD’s mistakes, and laid our new group out in a way that the same mistakes would not and could not be repeated. That group is, of course, the National Socialist Order, an organization founded and led by the remaining leadership of the Atomwaffen Division. We have a strong executive leadership, a clear and concise National Socialist worldview, and program that strongly reflects that worldview. We intend to build an Aryan, National Socialist world by any means necessary, and we shall not rest until our goal has been accomplished.”*
  • NSO website, January 2022: “Our worldview is strengthened by our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, and in-group educational efforts. In the meantime we see value in sharing our accomplishments with our comrades, enemies and future leaders of our race. The System continues draining its resources to stop us and its own practices will be its undoing. It clumsily attempts to wake up and chase after us, unaware we have tied its shoe laces together in its sleep. But we are nowhere to be found. And at the same time, we are everywhere.”*
  • NSO website, January 2022: “With the popularization of SIEGE and Terrorgram publications, white men are refusing to participate in the intellectual debate, strengthening their bodies and spirit, and taking physical action against the enemies of our race and our future. You visitor are here and must be for a reason. What are you going to do? Will you sit back and do nothing? Fortunately for you, the offensive strategy is in your favor. A path has been laid by the Saints of the Aryan Race during this century. Of the many, Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant. Will you honor them? Remember that action is the greatest devotion. Take your place in history, or dissipate into nothing but a forgotten memory.”*
  • NSO website, January 2022: “Taking action builds strength spiritually and physically. Fill your enemies with fear and observe their relinquishment of power to you. So what will you do white man? Will you sacrifice yourself for the System which hates you so much? Or will you fight against the system with honor? We will not sit by while our race, our future and our children are under attack by alien occupation!”*
  • NSO program, NSO website, January 2022: “We are strict followers of the worldview established by our Führer, Adolf Hitler.

    While solely based in the United States, we support the overthrow of all Jew-controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.

    We are dedicated to promoting radical autonomy while fomenting a revolutionary atmosphere.

    We refuse to denounce anyone who has boldly taken revolutionary action against the kike system.

    Our priority is to seize territorial power by any means necessary.

    We scorn and reject the current political system, and all notions of working within the left-right framework cultivated by the Jew.

    We believe that the earth should be solely populated by the Aryan race.”

    We require all members to be armed and ready at a moment’s notice.”*

  • Tim Turtle, blog post, January 3, 2021: “James Mason wouldn’t apologize nor would he show any weakness. There is nothing for these freaks to get out of him. If some random leftists and niggers showed up to him in person/giving him phone calls demanding he ‘apologize’ for his racism. He’d just call them niggers again and tell them to fuck off. There is absolutely nothing for them to get out of it besides having themselves be the ones to be in humiliation. So they instead go after the weak and the ones they can humiliate and feel better about their inferiority and their own weakness.”*
  • Ryan Arthur, blog post, December 17, 2020: “We National Socialists are trying to tell the white world that they are driving off of a cliff, and they respond by telling us to ‘stop drinking the Kool-Aid’, while they continue down this deadly road.
    “And this is exactly how the Kikes and the white traitors want it- most of the time, they don’t even need to suppress our views! Most whites will hear our reasonable points, and immediately disregard them, not because the points are ridiculous, but simply because they have never been taught them at school, because they haven’t heard them on TV, or because a ‘Nazi’ is telling it to them.”*
  • Texas Pete, blog post, December 14, 2020: “As a Public Service Announcement here at The American Futurist. We feel the need to warn our readers and the public of a rat. The rat we’re reporting on is none other than former member of the now non-existent organization known as ‘Atomwaffen Division’. Reserving your judgements of that organization and its past, whether positive or negative. We wish to inform for our readers safety. This former member is known by the name of Johnny Roman Garza.”*
  • Emerson Young, blog post, December 8, 2020: “On this day 36 years ago, Robert Jay Mathews fought bravely and died for his race.
    “In the bleak face of comrade betrayal and overwhelming ZOG forces his resolve never weakened, for love of the Aryan race and hatred of all opposed burned in his heart so brightly that the insidious influence of fear could never take root.
    “He courageously took up the banner of our Racial Holy War just as the transcendental warriors of old did. Through the revolutionary life he led he proved himself a worthy successor of the Kshatriyas, Knights, and SS which came before him.”*
  • Tim Turtle, blog post, November 19, 2020: “Through war and violence, we can see the betterment of our race and the proper and healthy growth of our race. Not just what we have now by producing effeminate ‘men’ who’d rather be consumers and cry over a movie trailer announcement rather than doing anything for their race.”

    “My point is this, through the rivers of war and violence, we can clean our race. To say otherwise is revisionist and anti-fascist. You can honestly just start calling yourself a racist liberal if you think like this. Better yet you can just do everyone a favor and end your own life so we don’t have to hear your special ed babble any longer.”*
  • Aubrey Sakai Suzuki, on an NSO website, November 4, 2020: “Honestly, I don’t want to be a normal person. I want to breathe revolution.”*
  • NSO Program, July 25, 2020: “We are strict followers of the worldview established by our Führer, Adolf Hitler.”*
  • NSO Program, July 25, 2020: “While solely based in the United States, we support the overthrow of all Jew-controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.”*
  • NSO Program, July 25, 2020: “We scorn and reject the current political system, and all notions of working within the left-right framework cultivated by the Jew.”*
  • NSO Program, July 25, 2020: “We believe that the earth should be solely populated by the Aryan race. ”*
  • NSO Telegram channel, July 25, 2020: “We will build an Aryan, National Socialist world by any means necessary.”*
  • NSO member Ryan Arthur, July 26, 2020: The Atomwaffen Division was founded and maintained by ardent National Socialists. We all understood the kike plan to destroy the Aryan race. It burned in our hearts. We all came to the same conclusion: this can not last, and it can not continue! Otherwise, the Aryan race would be destroyed for all time. This, we knew that we needed to stop from happening. We needed to reawaken an Aryan race of strength, honor, passion, and greatness, by any means necessary.”*
  • Tweet from AWD member “Wallcroft AW,” posted with a picture of armed and masked AWD members, August 13, 2018: “We avenge you for centuries of rape, murder and theft! Behold the power of our killing machine! There’ll be nothing but dust when the vultures have left.”*
  • Audio recording of AWD imprisoned co-founder Brandon Russell in an AWD propaganda video, May 2018: “I have become a prisoner of war in this war against society…. To all the outsiders who tried to hinder our efforts, I say this to you: I created something beautiful. Beautiful things scare you people. You just don’t like it because it doesn’t like you. Night shall turn to day as flames burn brilliantly. The sword has been drawn. There is no turning back.”*
  • AWD flier found in Brandon Russell’s car, January 2018: “Don’t prepare for exams, prepare for a race war.”*
  • Unidentified AWD member in a video announcing the formation of a German chapter, June 2018: “Sieg Heil.” (A Nazi salute meaning “Hail victory.”)*
  • AWD member “Vass” in a private chat log, January 28, 2018: “First sergeants are officially all homosexual Jews who will die during the revolution.”*
  • Dark Foreigner in a blog post on Tumblr, January 18, 2018: “Let’s bring a new image of terror and dread, to the 21st century.”*
  • Unidentified former AWD member to ProPublica, 2018: “We want men who are willing to be the boots on the ground. Joining us means serious dedication not only to the Atomwaffen Division and its members, but to the goal of Total Aryan Victory.”*
  • Twitter post by AWD member Vasillios Pistolis on his participation in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12, 2017: “Today cracked three skulls open with virtually no damage to myself.”*
  • Leaked communication from an AWD chatroom, undated: “Rats and traitors get the rope first.”*
  • Unidentified AWD member in a leaked audio conversation, undated: “You guys can get all moralistic if you want about satanism but at the end of the day when the fuckin’ race war comes, morals aren’t going to do anything but get you fuckin’ killed.”*
  • Propaganda flier, undated: “A new world order will rise from the ashes of the kike system.”*

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