Extremist Content Online: YouTube Permits Monetization Of Neo-Nazi Video

(New York, N.Y.) — The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) reports weekly on the methods used by extremists to exploit the Internet and social media platforms to recruit followers and incite violence. Last week, CEP researchers located a neo-Nazi electronic musician’s playlist on YouTube that was monetized with advertising. On Facebook, researchers found ISIS and pro-ISIS propaganda on several accounts. ISIS’s self-proclaimed West Africa Province released a video celebrating a recent prison break in Nigeria. Furthermore, the pro-ISIS group Al-Saqri Foundation posted a page on JustPaste.It with a guide for the homemade synthesis of explosives. A neo-Nazi website was located on the .xyz domain advocating for acts of violence. Across right-wing internet sites and channels, an alleged dox list of employees of a prominent Jewish non-profit was circulated. Finally, white supremacists on Telegram celebrated the anniversary of the 2011 Norway attacks.

Neo-Nazi Musician’s Monetized Content Located on YouTube

On July 20, CEP researchers located a YouTube playlist made by a neo-Nazi electronic musician monetized with advertising. The playlist consisted of songs from the musician, which included titles referring to Nazi Germany and white supremacist themes. YouTube had previously removed content made by the same artist in May 2022. The new playlist was uploaded to the website on July 14 by an account created on June 18. Advertisements included short videos that played before the first uploaded video and ads on the bottom of the screen. CEP reported content in the playlist to YouTube on July 20, but it was still online five days later, and ads were not removed.

ISIS Content Located on Facebook

CEP continues to find ISIS and pro-ISIS content on Facebook. In a sample of ten accounts located on July 20, CEP researchers found multiple previously released ISIS propaganda videos, unofficial videos consisting of pro-ISIS content, Amaq propaganda videos and photos, and Amaq news updates in several languages, and links to ISIS content on other platforms including Telegram and Meta owned WhatsApp.

One of the Amaq videos, which was posted on July 12 by an account with over 1,100 friends, showed an alleged ISIS attack on Indian police officers in Srinagar in the Jammu and Kashmir region. The video was modified to evade removal. Seven of the 10 accounts had over 200 friends or followers, with five of those accounts having over 500 friends or followers. Eight accounts had posted content in July 2022, and two had last posted content in June. CEP reported the 10 accounts on July 20, but they were all still online five days later.


ISIS Amaq video with over 1,200 views uploaded to Facebook on July 12 and still accessible on July 21. The video was modified, including having images added on the bottom left and top right (redacted) to evade removal.

ISIS Video Released Online

On July 18, ISIS’s self-proclaimed West Africa Province released a video titled “And to Glorify God for What He Has Guided You.” The video shows ISIS fighters celebrating Eid-el-Kabir and the July 5 Kuje prison break in Abuja, Nigeria, where hundreds of prisoners, including suspected terrorists, escaped following an ISIS-claimed attack. Speakers in the video proclaim that ISIS will free additional prisoners in future assaults.

The video was released on Telegram, Hoop, RocketChat, pro-ISIS websites on the surface and dark web, the Internet Archive, and advertised on pro-ISIS accounts on Facebook. CEP reported the video to the Internet Archive, which made the video accessible only to logged-in users.

Pro-ISIS Explosives Guide Located on JustPaste.It

CEP researchers located a page allegedly posted by the pro-ISIS group Al-Saqri Foundation on JustPaste.It on July 18. The Al-Saqri Foundation publishes manuals on the manufacture and use of explosives, poisons, and other weaponry. The page, which JustPaste.It removed after CEP reported it, contained instructions for the homemade production of explosives using commercial cleaning products.

Neo-Nazi Website Advocating for Violence Located

CEP researchers located a neo-Nazi website on the .xyz domain that advocated for acts of violence. The site features the work of a propagandist who creates images in the “terrorwave” style and references the Atomwaffen Division, the Order of Nine Angles, and a neo-Nazi accelerationist book released on July 14. The website also advocated for acts of violence against Jews. The website used Porkbun as its registrar. In May, CEP located a website for a small new neo-Nazi accelerationist group inspired by the Atomwaffen Division that also used Porkbun as its registrar.

Neo-Nazis Dox Employees of Jewish Non-Profit Organization

On July 20, an alleged dox list of prominent Jewish non-profit organization employees began circulating on extreme right-wing internet sites and channels. The list contains hundreds of entries that include the organization's employees' full names, work email, telephone numbers, and job descriptions. Within approximately 36 hours, the file spread on a dozen white supremacist Telegram channels, several surface and dark web imageboards, and at least two file download sites. Some individual entries from the list were also posted to a website that serves as a directory for sharing personally identifiable information for the purpose of doxing.

One of the Telegram channels that spread the dox file belongs to a website that supports the work of the neo-Nazi James Mason and the group National Socialist Order (NSO). NSO is the successor organization to the Atomwaffen Division, of which three members pleaded guilty, and one more individual was found guilty by a jury for conspiracy to threaten journalists and employees of the Anti-Defamation League.

White Supremacists Celebrate Anniversary of 2011 Norway Attacks

On July 22, white supremacists on Telegram celebrated the eleventh anniversary of the 2011 Norway attacks, where a right-wing terrorist killed 77 people in two attacks consisting of a bombing in Oslo’s government quarter and a mass shooting at a summer camp. Channels and chat participants on Telegram shared memes glorifying the attacker and called for additional violence. A channel connected to the American neo-Nazi James Mason that also supports the NSO made multiple posts praising the attacker and posted a quote from his manifesto regarding attack planning. Multiple other Telegram channels posted excerpts from a recently released neo-Nazi accelerationist book that cited the attacker as someone to emulate in order to destabilize society and encourage future acts of terrorism.

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