Extremist Content Online: The Base Calls For Members of Other White Supremacist Groups to Join

(New York, N.Y.) — The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) reports weekly on the methods used by extremists and terrorist groups on the Internet to spread propaganda and incite violence. Last week, the neo-Nazi accelerationist group The Base called for members of other white supremacist “militant groups” to join them via a Telegram post, in an effort to promote cooperation among extremist groups.

Additionally, on February 24, an Active Club in the western U.S. launched a recruitment and propaganda website, registered to a South Dakota individual, with links to their Telegram channel. On Telegra.ph, CEP researchers discovered a series of tips outlining methods for destroying communications infrastructure and suggesting using bomb threats to shut down airports.

Also, last week, CEP located two URLs for explosives manuals on GoFile.Io and two uploads on Ufile.Io, posted in a pro-ISIS chat. CEP reported the links to both websites, GoFile.Io removed them while they were still on UFile.Io on March 4. The pro-ISIS al-Azaim Media propaganda group released the 33rd edition of the web magazine Voice of Khorasan, which condemned the Taliban for allegedly not instituting religious law and also called for terrorist attacks in Turkey. Additionally, the Qimam Electronic Foundation (QEF), a pro-ISIS tech group, posted warnings on PasteThis.To via RocketChat about malware capable of WhatsApp message theft, advising immediate deletion if installed.

The People’s Initiative of New England (PINE), a white supremacist extremist group linked to the Nationalist Social Club (NSC), debuted a verified Twitter account on February 25, advocating for New England as an independent white ethnostate and sharing Substack links and images of members at demonstrations and other events.

Finally, an extreme-right music festival planned for the end of March in Italy announced they would accept Bitcoin for the first time.

The Base Calls for Cooperation Among White Supremacist Groups

In a Telegram post on February 26, the neo-Nazi accelerationist group The Base invited members of other white supremacist “militant groups” to join the organization to network and train. The post noted that extreme right groups frequently do not cooperate, which further segments the movement. The post stated that finding common ground would be helpful in the event of a “revolution” or “collapse” to take advantage of disorder. The post also noted that individuals did not have to give up other group affiliations but could cooperate “together as equals” and that The Base could serve as a potential way to recruit for these other groups. The administrator of a different Telegram channel with approximately 300 followers noted that the post was an effort to build a successful movement.

In November, The Base released a video demanding that members of other groups stop criticizing them and join, stating that organizing and training were the only legitimate activities.

The Base has repeatedly claimed to be a network for the most radical members of the accelerationist white supremacist movement. In January 2023, the group’s founder, Rinaldo Nazzaro, who has claimed to no longer be involved, offered to help connect “like-minded individuals” in the southwest U.S.

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“Members of The Base have been arrested, tried, and convicted in courts of plotting acts of violence and intimidation. Despite these arrests, the group is still calling for the creation of cells. Advocating for unity among the most extreme white supremacist groups and other entities is not new for the group,” said CEP researcher Joshua Fisher-Birch. “Telegram and other tech companies should continue to take action to remove these accounts and posts.”

Western Active Clubs Launch Website

On February 24, an Active Club for members in western U.S. states launched a recruitment and propaganda website. The website, registered to an individual in South Dakota, includes links to the group’s Telegram channel and chat. The site uses Cloudflare as its registrar and nameserver. The main Active Club website became functional again earlier in February.

Eco-Fascist/Neo-Nazi Accelerationist Telegram Channels Post Tips for Destroying Communications Infrastructure

On February 26, CEP researchers located a series of tips on the Telegra.ph bulletin board program for destroying communications infrastructure, including fiber optic cables, cable internet connections, and radios, allegedly written by a former cable worker. The post also noted airports could be shut down by calling in bomb threats, noting that it would delay flights for hours.

The Telegra.ph post was made on February 23. CEP reported it on February 26, but it was still online on March 4. The Telegra.ph post was initially shared by an eco-fascist Telegram channel and then shared by at least two neo-Nazi accelerationist channels.

Pro-ISIS Explosives Manuals Removed From File Sharing Website

On February 27, CEP located two URLs for explosives manuals on GoFile.Io posted in a pro-ISIS chat. On March 1, additional uploads were found on Ufile.Io. The uploads contained tips and guides for the homemade synthesis of explosives and bomb-making components organized as a beginner’s course, as well as guides on using explosive devices, other helpful information for committing terrorist attacks, and pro-ISIS propaganda. The text accompanying one of the URLs in the chat included advice for documenting experiments and bomb-making attempts and maintaining proper operations security.

The uploads on GoFile.Io were 700 MB and 800 MB and had 29 and 17 downloads, respectively, when they were located after being online for approximately 24 hours. CEP researchers reported the links to GoFile.Io, who removed them.

CEP reported the uploads to Ufile.Io on March 1, but they were still online on March 4.

eco 030424_2

GoFile.Io screenshot on February 27.

Voice of Khorasan Issue 33 Released

On February 29, the pro-ISIS al-Azaim Media propaganda group released issue 33 of the web magazine Voice of Khorasan. The magazine totaled 92 pages, the largest publication edition to date. The main article, totaling 18 pages, condemned Hibatullah Akhundzada and the Taliban for allegedly not instituting true religious law, bending to the will of the international community, protecting minority religious groups in the country, and abusing their power. In an infographic, the magazine also called for the killing of Taliban Minister of Defense Mullah Yaqoob. Another section encouraged acts of terrorism in Turkey and condemned Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for promoting secularism. Other articles encouraged actions over words and promoted perseverance. A reprint of an essay likely from 2020 claimed that COVID-19 was divine punishment.

As with prior issues, the web magazine also provided a wallet address for donating the privacy cryptocurrency Monero. CEP reported two links for the web magazine to the Internet Archive on February 29, which quickly removed the files. 

eco 030424_3

Article image from Voice of Khorasan issue 33. Screenshot taken March 4.

Pro-ISIS Tech Group Warns of Malware That Steals WhatsApp Messages

On February 26, the pro-ISIS tech group Qimam Electronic Foundation (QEF) posted a warning on PasteThis.To, distributed via RocketChat, stating that specific apps contained malware that could steal messages on WhatsApp. The message claimed that six of the 12 programs could be downloaded from the Google Play store and advised any users to delete the programs immediately if they were installed.

eco 030424_4

Logo for Qimam Electronic Foundation (QEF). Screenshot taken on February 29.

Nationalist Social Club Affiliated Group Launched Twitter/X Account

The People’s Initiative of New England (PINE), affiliated with the Nationalist Social Club (NSC), launched a verified Twitter/X account on February 25. The group has stated that it wants New England to be an independent white ethnostate and claims to want to achieve its goals through non-violent means. Twitter/X posts include links to the group’s Substack account and photos of group members participating in demonstrations and commemorative events. CEP reported the account to Twitter/X on February 29, but it was still on the social media site on March 4.

White Supremacist Music Festival Announces That They Accept Bitcoin

On March 3, the organizers of the “Defend Europe II” festival, scheduled to take place from March 29 to March 30 in Northeast Italy, announced that they would accept payment for tickets in Bitcoin. The music festival is organized by the Italian neo-Nazi entity Veneto Fronte Skinheads.

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