Nationalist Social Club (NSC-131)


The Nationalist Social Club (NSC-131 or NSC) is a white supremacist network based in the northeastern United States.* A German member identified only as Paolo has claimed NSC is in the beginning stages and trying to build up its network.* The 131 correlates to the letters ACA for anti-communist action.*Russell Harris, “Neo-Nazi ‘Slap-Tags’ Found On Rail-Trail In Pepperell,” Groton Herald, November 5, 2020, NSC was founded in December 2019 in Massachusetts and comprises small independent cells around New England, though it has inspired cells around Europe. * NSC members believe they are in a state of war against non-Aryans, particularly Jews. * NSC’s alleged goal is to create an underground resistance network against its ideological enemies. * To this end, NSC members train in physical combat and firearms. * NSC views itself as a protector of white people. *

NSC chapters act independently of each other and share a loose network affiliation. The group has no central hierarchy. Each chapter acts under its own guidance and rules. * The NSC maintains this informal structure to avoid infiltration. Chapter autonomy also allows each chapter to address individual regional needs and develop its own tactics. * Known NSC tactics include antagonizing social-justice protesters, vandalism, and posting stickers and other propaganda. * NSC members have joined right-wing and pro-police rallies where they have displayed Nazi flags and symbols, as well as engaged in physical altercations.*

By December 2020, NSC claimed to have expanded to 25 states and five European countries. On December 29, NSC New England announced it was ending communication with all other NSC chapters to focus on the New England region. The announcement confirmed all other NSC chapters would continue autonomously and possibly under the NSC name, but only chapters within the New England area would be official NSC affiliates.* In March 2021, NSC’s original New England chapter announced only it and other clubs within the New England area of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont were legitimate and NSC had no affiliates beyond New England.*NSC New England, Telegram channel, March 22, 2021.x In June 2021, NSC began operating under the name White Defense Force after several of its online accounts were banned. The group continues to employ the NSC name while using White Defense Force as an alternative for online accounts.*


NSC-131 operates as a leaderless, decentralized organization. Chris Hood is the NSC’s alleged founder and leader. * An individual identified only as “Paulo” founded the German chapter of NSC.*

Chris Hood

Base of Operations

NSC-131 was founded in eastern Massachusetts in the United States and, as of 2020, had chapters in at least 16 states, including Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. * NSC cells have also been active in Germany, Hungary, and Bulgaria.* In December 2020, NSC claimed to be active in 25 states and five European countries.*NSC, Telegram channel, December 29, 2020.x In March 2021, NSC’s original New England chapter announced only it and other clubs within the New England area of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont were legitimate.*


Not determined.

Membership Size and Relevance

NSC 131’s exact membership size is unknown but reportedly large. NSC members also belong or previously belonged to hate groups such as the League of the South, Patriot Front, Traditionalist Worker Party, The Base, Aryan Strike Force, and National Socialist Movement. *

The FBI has reportedly labeled NSC-131 and the Patriot Front the most active white supremacist groups in Massachusetts.* In May 2021, New Hampshire state Representative Manny Espitia condemns NSC-131 graffiti, which includes phrases such as “Keep New England White” and “Death To Israel.” NSC-131 responds online telling Espitia he has “no right to be here” and calling him an “occupier.”* In December 2021, the group protested a drag story hour for children in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.* In January 2022, the group protested at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, which NSC members said, “Kills Whites.”* NSC members displayed “Keep New England White” banners from an overpass in New Hampshire in July 2022. In January 2023, the New Hampshire attorney general’s office filed a complaint in response to that banner display, accusing the group of violating the state’s Civil Rights Act. The complaint requested a judge bar NSC-131 and its members from engaging in threatening physical force or violence and discriminatory behavior for three years.*

Recruitment and Propaganda

Clad in black t-shirts emblazoned with “Nationalist Social Club,” NSC-131 members have been photographed at right-wing and pro-police rallies across the country, though they promote their own anti-police ideology. Men wearing NSC shirts have also counter-protested liberal causes such as Black Lives Matter. * Members have pasted NSC stickers and other propaganda materials on public and private property. * NSC members have also vandalized Black Lives Matter murals and memorials to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Martin Luther King Jr. * In May 2021, NSC participated in White Lives Matter rallies in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.* In October 2022, NSC members dressed in tan pants, black sweatshirts, hats, and facemasks protested Massachusetts’ placement of homeless people at a Kingston hotel. According to police, NSC distributed propaganda warning against “invaders” who were “demanding” housing and health care.*

NSC’s logo replaces the “S” in its initials with an SS lightning bolt. NSC’s propaganda also includes the number 131 and at times refers to the group as NSC-131 or 131 Crew.*

NSC-131 is active on multiple social media channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. CEP has identified at least three NSC Twitter accounts that have since been suspended. NSC’s Telegram channels provide a contact person who refers potential recruits to their closest NSC chapter. Each chapter has its own objectives upon which it judges potential members. * In August 2021, NSC launched a new website after claiming its other social media and online accounts had been banned.* The new site acts as an umbrella for NSC’s New England chapters in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine.* NSC specifically targets white males for recruitment. *

In June 2021, Google Play and Apple’s App Store deleted multiple NSC communications channels. In response, NSC created a new series of accounts under the name White Defense Force to further recruitment. The group also created a channel on LinkTree, which has since been deleted for violating the site’s terms of service.* In August 2021, NSC created a channel on Gab, which had 1,100 followers by the end of June 2022.*NSC-131, Gab account, accessed June 22, 2022.x NSC has also created an account on Odysee, which had 447 followers as of June 22, 2022.*NSC-131, Odysee account, accessed June 22, 2022.x

Violent Activities

NSC-131 members have stockpiled weapons and undergone physical training for future confrontations. * In September 2020, German police raided multiple homes, including that of an NSC member, and seized “weapons and Nazi paraphernalia.” *

  • July 23, 2022: NSC founder Chris Hood and other NSC members protested a drag queen story hour event at the Loring Greenough House in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, chanting and displaying banners with the slogan, “Pedo scum. Off our streets.” Hood was arrested and charged with fighting in a public place after a physical altercation with a counter-protester. The charge does not carry a prison sentence. Hood was ordered to stay away from counter-protesters while preparing for trial. He has chosen to represent himself..*
  • January 6, 2021: NSC members post pictures of NSC paraphernalia on Telegram, claiming that they were taken at a protest at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., during Congress’ confirmation of the 2020 presidential election. The protest, which included thousands of people in attendance, devolved into a violent riot as protesters stormed into the Capitol Building, sending Congress into lockdown and leaving at least four people dead.*
  • July 2020: Several NSC members were arrested for disorderly conduct in Rogersville, Tennessee, after attempting to antagonize protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally. The NSC members reportedly gave Nazi salutes, yelled racial slurs, and attempted to assault protesters, according to local police. No injuries were reported. *


  • NSC/White Defense Force, Telegram, April 3, 2022: “The Nationalist Social Club is a pro-white, street-oriented fraternity dedicated to raising AUTHENTIC resistance to the enemies of our people in the New England area. This takes the form of networking, training, activism, outreach, and above all, ACTION.”*White Defense Force, Telegram channel, April 3, 2022.x
  • NSC/White Defense Force, Telegram, August 1, 2021: “NSC131/The White Defense Force believes that where our people are, we must be. Alternatively, where our people’s enemies are, we must also be. To build connections, to protect our people, and to oppose our people's enemies. No one else will do it for us!”*White Defense Force, Telegram channel, August 1, 2021.x
  • NSC/White Defense Force, Telegram, June 21, 2021: “We’ve done some minor rebranding to create our new updates & outreach account - White Defense Force. The name is true to what our overarching purpose and goals are as New England Nationalists. We aim to preserve and defend WHITE COMMUNITIES, ideologically and physically. This ranges from meetups and activism, to physically defending New Englanders in the streets from those who would wish to see us and ours dead, wherever they may be.”*
  • NSC Rhode Island, Telegram, March 31, 2021: “Isn’t it fascinating to watch the gatekeepers swoop in to shut down any criticism of the Terrorist State occupying Palestine? It’s tediously simple for them to use the magic ‘Antisemitism’ incantation on White activists- POOF! and our collective grievances disappear from public discourse. The interesting part is how it must feel to be a ‘leftist’ opposed to imperialism, colonization, and capitalist exploitation, repeatedly shepherded away from acknowledging the power of the Jewish Ethnostate which frames the binary of American politics invariably in its own interest. All genuinely principled critics of Zionist Terrorism will join us on the ADL's no-no list. If you are adamant, they will leverage capitalism against you. Anarchists- why does Jewish Privilege get to tell you what to think?

    “As for NSC, there is nothing unclear or hidden about our purpose. We will not stop naming Jewish Supremacy and drawing attention to the Anti-White power structures which are attacking the people of New England. We will DEFEND our communities and SECURE our future. Those in our ranks with ‘leftist’ priors have broken through the Jewish dialectic to embrace a Third Position National Socialism rooted in New England Blood and Soil.

    “So-called ‘Antifa’ pawns who remain content blindly doing the dirty work of Jews like Christian Exoo (AntiFash Gordon- currently being sued by multiple plaintiffs for his harrassment campaigns) should really reevaluate that ‘No Masters’ slogan. Oy vey! #BDS”*

  • NSC New England, Telegram, January 20, 2021: “As we’ve known all along, the true brutality on behalf of the system is directed at white men, women, and children. System pigs know there will be no outcry, no riots, and no rage over spilled white blood. The data proves this, and this video does as well. The day is quickly approaching that white men and women will be secured in their own lands, liberated from the occupied government and their lackeys. There is no other path for our survival, brothers. This is a war of absolution.”*
  • NSC New England, Telegram, January 5, 2021: “NSC New England is in Washington DC to ensure white safety. We are not here to support Donald Trump. Contact us if you’d like to get involved!”*
  • NSC New England, Telegram, August 31, 2020: “Our folk are in a state of war with a hostile (((system))), and now is the time to put our differences aside and face our common enemy as a unified front.” *
  • NSC New England, Telegram, August 27, 2020: “There is no one size fits all solution to the problems that face our people. Every nation, every community, every street may require a multitude of different tactics to revert it into a favorable environment for our posterity. The clubs of NSC recognize this, and that’s why each club is granted the autonomy to address its regions issues whichever way is most efficient, all while retaining the tangible support from the other clubs worldwide.” *
  • NSC New England, Telegram, August 24, 2020: “Start or join a club - the option is yours. Either way, 131 will support you if you are a white male of the nationalist worldview & dedicated to action. Always anonymous, always autonomous.” *
  • NSC New England, Telegram, August 24, 2020: Each club is able to sculpt its image and set its objectives to the community/region it serves to be most effective, as its local affiliates know said community/region best. This allows us to organize our people against our collective enemies WORLDWIDE - there is nowhere in the white world an NSC can’t be established.” *
  • NSC member in Germany identified as Paulo, Telegram, undated: “We are only at the beginning and are in the process of building up to find people and network.” *

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