Extremist Content Online: Antisemitic Propaganda Video Widely Promoted On Telegram And Twitter/X

(New York, N.Y.) — The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) reports weekly on the methods used by extremists and terrorist groups on the Internet to spread propaganda and incite violence. Last week, CEP researchers identified a Telegram channel with over 7,500 subscribers urging its followers to share an antisemitic propaganda video in response to Holocaust-related social media content. The full video was previously posted by one account on Twitter/X, and a clip advertising the video was posted earlier by another, garnering more than 900,000 views.

Also on Telegram, CEP located  a three-and-a-half-hour compilation video released by a previously prohibited channe,l promoting white supremacism and encouraging “training and preparing” and dissemination of extremist propaganda. Additionally, Telegram channels associated with the neo-Nazi group NSC-131 shared footage of a protest outside Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey's residence, condemning legal actions against the group and soliciting donations for legal expenses. 

On PasteThis.To, the pro-ISIS tech group Qimam Electronic Foundation (QEF) released a series of tips for detecting spyware on Android devices, while another pro-ISIS user cautioned against trusting VPN providers due to potential data sharing with law enforcement. CEP researchers also discovered an al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) video on the Internet Archive, released on February 8, promoting lone actor attacks and praising past attackers.

In addition, the leader of the Goyim Defense League created a new Twitter/X account shortly after what was likely his previous profile was removed for disseminating antisemitic and racist content, with the new account quickly gaining followers despite posting similar extremist content. The main website for the Active Club movement also resurfaced after several months of maintenance, promoting its official Telegram channel, propaganda, and recruitment information. Finally, neo-Nazi figure James Mason released a new video reiterating his views on the failure of democracy and advocating for societal withdrawal.

Antisemitic Telegram Channel Encourages Posting Notorious Antisemitic Propaganda Video in Responses to Holocaust Museums and Education Centers

On February 13, a Telegram channel that exists to publicize and share a notorious antisemitic propaganda video encouraged its followers to share links to the video as responses to Holocaust museum, memorial, and education social media accounts. The Telegram channel has over 7,500 subscribers. One individual commented that they had been banned from an unnamed social media platform for doing what the channel advised. At the same time, another user noted that it was essential to make sure that people watched the entire series of the purported documentary that glorifies Nazi Germany and justifies the crimes of the Third Reich.

At least two Twitter/X accounts that have promoted the video have been removed from the platform. An account that posted the entire 10+ hour video on Twitter/X in June was recently made unavailable after being on the platform for eight months and receiving over 800,000 views. Another Twitter/X account that posted a clip promoting the video in July was still online on February 15, receiving over 900,000 views.

“Individuals are coordinating on Telegram to spread Holocaust denial and antisemitic propaganda on other online platforms and websites,” said CEP researcher Joshua Fisher-Birch. “These efforts seek to deny the Holocaust, intimidate and harass individuals and institutions working in Holocaust education, and spread antisemitism. This video is often spread as an introduction to antisemitism as part of a recruitment strategy by white supremacist groups. Online hate is frequently connected across different internet platforms and communications apps.”

White Supremacist Video Compilation from Removed Telegram Channel Shared on Communications App

On February 14, a compilation of approximately 40 videos edited into a single three-and-a-half-hour movie was released on Telegram. The channel that released the video has been removed from Telegram at least ten times. The movie consisted of news footage edited to reinforce white supremacist, antisemitic, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-government narratives before concluding with several minutes of clips that depicted extreme right groups and an idealized white society. The video asks the viewer what their legacy would be and encourages “training and preparing” and engaging in propaganda activities. The movie claimed to reflect the creator’s radicalization in 2018 and 2019.

The video is purported to be the first of a three-part series to be released in 2024. A unique Telegram channel was created to share the movie.

The video was shared by at least 14 Telegram channels and chats. A Terrorgram-affiliated channel admin noted that the video creator has been “one of the most impactful” Telegram propagandists.

extremist content online PR_022024_1

Screenshot from white supremacist compilation movie. Screenshot taken on February 15.

NSC-131 Posts Footage of Demonstration Outside of Massachusetts Governor’s House, Asks for Donations

On February 11, Telegram channels affiliated with the neo-Nazi group Nationalist Social Club (NSC-131) posted a video showing members protesting outside of Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey’s house on February 10. The video contained a message condemning a December lawsuit filed by the Massachusetts Attorney General against the group and footage of approximately 25 people holding flares and chanting in front of the governor’s house. Law enforcement said NSC members protested for less than 15 minutes before leaving.

The video was shared on at least 13 Telegram channels with a link to a different NSC-131 channel asking for donations for the group to pay for legal expenses. A link for a crowdfunding campaign on the GiveSendGo platform and wallet addresses for the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum were posted. As of February 15, the GiveSendGo fundraiser had received $15,104, with $745 coming in after the Saturday demonstration.

The GiveSendGo fundraising link, photos of the demonstration, and a supportive message were shared by an account on Twitter/X, receiving over 11,700 views in nine days. CEP reported the tweet to the platform but it was still online five days later.

Pro-ISIS Tech Group Releases Suggestions for Detecting Spyware on Android Devices, Chat User Warns Users Not to Trust VPNs

On February 13, the pro-ISIS tech group Qimam Electronic Foundation (QEF) posted a list on PasteThis.To, distributed via RocketChat, for allegedly detecting spyware on Android mobile devices. The list contained ten tips, including the possible effects of advanced malware on a phone. In January 2023, QEF warned their followers of a new type of malware being deployed against Android devices, allowing users with hostile intent to take control of the device or discover its location.

Separately, on February 13, a pro-ISIS user of a different chat warned the group’s supporters, especially those involved in creating and spreading propaganda, to be wary of VPN providers, stating that some companies turn over data about users to law enforcement. QEF has previously released a guide on using VPNs and warned that they should not be used for illegal activity.

Recent AQAP Video Encourages Lone Actor Attacks

On February 14, CEP researchers located a video on the Internet Archive from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) Al-Malahem Media outlet, originally released on February 8, that encouraged lone actor attacks. The video featured multiple statements from AQAP member Ibrahim al-Qosi and an unnamed English-speaking narrator, who both declared that individuals needed to commit terrorist attacks, including against civilians, politicians, the media, and military personnel. Stating that “today is your day,” the video encouraged using knives, vehicles, or firearms and recommended using AQAP’s Inspire magazine for advice on committing attacks. The footage additionally praised multiple individuals by name who committed attacks in the name of al-Qaeda. The Internet Archive quickly removed the video after CEP reported it.

extremist content online PR_022024_2

Screenshot from AQAP video, February 15.

Notorious Antisemitic Propagandist Creates New Twitter/X Account After Likely Prior Deletion

Jon Minadeo II, the leader of the Goyim Defense League (GDL), created a new Twitter/X account on February 7, several days after an account likely belonging to him was removed from the platform. The previous account, which CEP reported to Twitter/X on February 1 and which was deleted by February 5, posted a large amount of antisemitic and racist propaganda. The new account began tweeting similar antisemitic, racist, and pro-Nazi content and signal-boosting other accounts within 24 hours. The account removed earlier in the month had over 2,100 followers by the time it was removed, and the new account had over 1,150 followers on February 20. CEP reported the new account to Twitter/X on February 15, but it was still online five days later.

Active Club Movement Website Returns

The main website for the white supremacist Active Club movement returned several months after being under maintenance. The site contains a link to the main Active Club Telegram channel, propaganda posters, and a contact form for recruitment purposes. The website uses Cloudflare as its nameserver and Registrar.Eu as its registrar.

extremist content online PR_022024_3

Active Club website “contact us” section heading. Screenshot taken on February 15.

Neo-Nazi James Mason Releases New Video

On February 10, James Mason released a new video on an alternative video platform after a hiatus of six and a half months. Consisting of a late New Year’s message, Mason repeated prior statements that white people in the United States view democracy as a failure and that the worse the political situation is, the better it is for “revolutionaries.” Mason alleged that violence would not work and urged his viewers to continue their efforts and drop out of society. The video was shared on a neo-Nazi website operated by a website that spreads Mason’s videos and writing.

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