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Tech & Terrorism: London Attack Again Raises Questions About Abdullah Al-Faisal’s Online Influence

The terrorist attack in Streatham, London, carried out by Sudesh Amman has brought again to the forefront the radicalizing, violent teachings of Islamist propagandist Abdullah al-Faisal. Reports indicate that Amman possessed copies of Faisal’s sermons prior to the attack, which are readily available to the public through Faisal’s Authentic Tauheed website. The website currently archives more than 700 radical lectures calling for violence against religious minorities and allows his followers to communicate in a private chatroom. Faisal’s teachings have been linked to numerous other acts of terror, as well as plots to attack U.S. financial institutions and the London Stock Exchange in 2010. He is currently awaiting U.S. extradition in a Jamaican prison.

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