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Extremism News Roundup

May 26, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 26, 2021

“The Saudi Arabia-led military coalition engaged in fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen killed a high-ranking Hezbollah commander in an air strike in northern Marib province, Yemen’s Information Minister Moamer Al Eryani told The National on Tuesday...

Extremism News Roundup

May 25, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 25, 2021

“The Arab Coalition thwarted an imminent attack by a Houthi booby-trapped boat in the southern Red Sea on Monday, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The interception of the explosive-rigged vessel came after remarks by US Secretary of State Antony...

Extremism News Roundup

May 24, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 24, 2021

“Abubakar Shekau, the fundamentalist warlord who turned Boko Haram from an obscure radical sect into a jihadist army whose war with the Nigerian state has left tens of thousands dead across four nations, has died, according to officials, mediators...

Extremism News Roundup

May 21, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 21, 2021

“Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire Thursday, halting a bruising 11-day war that caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip, brought life in much of Israel to a standstill and left more than 200 people dead. At 2 a.m. local time, just as...

Extremism News Roundup

May 20, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 20, 2021

“Unidentified assailants killed 15 people who were gathered for a baptism at a village in northern Burkina Faso on Tuesday night, the government said on Wednesday. The attack took place in Adjarara, about 7 km (4 miles) from the town of Tin-Akoff in...

Extremism News Roundup

May 19, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 19, 2021

“The Nigerian troops of Operation Hadin Kai bombarded a mass gathering of Boko Haram members in Dawuri village at the weekend. The attack, which followed intelligence gathering, happened within the Konduga Local Government Area of Borno State, with...

Extremism News Roundup

May 18, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 18, 2021

“The Hezbollah terror group has dug a network of tunnels hundreds of kilometers long from Beirut to southern Lebanon, the Kan public broadcaster reports. The network was dug in parallel to Hezbollah’s six attack tunnels into Israel, which the IDF...

Extremism News Roundup

May 17, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 17, 2021

“A co-founder of the British neo-Nazi group National Action will stand trial charged with terror offences. Ben Raymond, 32, from Swindon, is accused of remaining in the group for months after it was banned in 2016. He is also charged with three...

Extremism News Roundup

May 14, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 14, 2021

“Austria banned Hezbollah in its entirety this week, going beyond the European Union policy of outlawing the Lebanese terrorist group’s so-called military arm. “This is a very clear signal,” said Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg...

Extremism News Roundup

May 13, 2021

Eye on Extremism: May 13, 2021

“A Brooklyn man who prosecutors say twice pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and encouraged deadly “lone-wolf” attacks in New York City’s subways and elsewhere was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in prison. Zachary Clark’s penalty was...

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On July 26, 2018, Boko Haram fighters attacked a Nigerian military base and a police station in Jakana, a village close to Maiduguri, leaving hundreds either dead, captured, or missing. 

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