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Extremism News Roundup

February 16, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 16, 2023

“The 19-year-old White man who killed 10 people in a racist mass shooting at a grocery store in a predominantly Black area of Buffalo last May apologized to the victims’ families and was sentenced to life in prison during an emotional court hearing...

Extremism News Roundup

February 15, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 15, 2023

“…‘The presence of al-Qaida in Iran is a sort of a chip that the Iranians have,’ said Edmund Fitton-Brown, a former senior United Nations counterterrorism official who is now an adviser to the nonprofit Counter Extremism Project. ‘They're not...

Extremism News Roundup

February 14, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 14, 2023

“U.N. experts say the predominant view among member nations is that the leadership of al-Qaida has passed to Sayf al-’Adl, who was responsible for Osama bin Laden’s security and trained some of the hijackers involved in the 9/11 attack on the U.S...

Extremism News Roundup

February 13, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 13, 2023

“On Monday, U.S. prosecutors will ask 12 people to authorize a punishment that hasn’t been levied on a Manhattan defendant since 1963: death. Sayfullo Saipov, 35, was convicted last month of fatally mowing down eight people as he raced a truck down a...

Extremism News Roundup

February 10, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 10, 2023

“The threat posed by Islamic State extremists remains high and has increased in and around conflict zones, and the group’s expansion is “particularly worrying” in Africa’s center, south and Sahel regions, the U.N. counter-terrorism chief said...

Extremism News Roundup

February 9, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 9, 2023

“A Libyan man accused of being involved in making the bomb that destroyed Pan Am Flight 103 over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988 pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to three federal charges brought against him in Washington, DC. Abu...

Extremism News Roundup

February 8, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 8, 2023

“Security forces acting on intelligence raided a hideout of Pakistani Taliban insurgents along the border with Afghanistan, triggering an intense shootout that left 12 militants dead, the country's military said Wednesday. The pre-dawn raid came amid...

Extremism News Roundup

February 7, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 7, 2023

“The new global epicenter of violent Islamic extremism is sub-Saharan Africa where people are increasingly joining because of economic factors and less for religious ones, says a new report by the U.N.’s international development agency. A...

Extremism News Roundup

February 6, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 6, 2023

“Bilal al-Sudani was no stranger to American counterterrorism officials. Before joining the Islamic State affiliate in Somalia, Mr. al-Sudani was subjected to punitive sanctions by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2012 for his involvement with Al...

Extremism News Roundup

February 3, 2023

Eye on Extremism: February 3, 2023

“Britain’s Foreign Office has blocked a plan that would have led to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) proscribed as a terrorist organisation, according to a report. The government department cited the need to keep communication channels...

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On March 30, 2020, an al-Shabaab suicide bomber mounted the vehicle of Abdisalan Hasan Hersi, a governor in Somalia’s Puntland, as he parked his car near a police station. The jihadist detonated his explosive device, killing Hersi and seriously wounding a former police commander and a civilian.  

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