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Eye on Extremism: Feb 21, 2020

“You’re not scared of me?” Yusuf sked half-jokingly as he tossed his burnt pizza crust on the plate. “No,” I told him, but I probably should have been. Yusuf was convicted on terrorism charges for his connection to the 2002 Bali bombing that killed more than 200 people...
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Tech & Terrorism: Facebook Continues Lobbying Efforts In Hopes Of Hindering Content Moderation Legislation

The European Union has recently been debating various content moderation laws and policies in an aim to curb the spread of online extremist content. Instead of allowing lawmakers to do their jobs, Facebook has spent significant resources lobbying tech industry regulators. As a part of those efforts, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg published an opinion piece this week in the Financial Times and the company issued an accompanying white paper —both of which seek to demonstrate Facebook’s support for increased content moderation regulations for the tech industry.