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"Following India’s decision to revoke the special status of Jammu & Kashmir, there were protests by anti-India elements outside the India House in London during the Independence Day celebrations. One such protest was organised by Hizb-ut-Tahrir or “the Party of the Liberation...
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Tech & Terrorism: Content Removal Policies Must be Applied Consistently Across all Types of Extremism

Facebook recently made modifications to its Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, in an attempt to limit extremism on its platform. Amongst other changes, the company updated its definition of terrorist organizations from “acts of violence intended to achieve a political or ideological aim” to include “attempts at violence, particularly when directed toward civilians with the intent to coerce and intimidate.” The announcement was another in a series of reactive moves Facebook has made since the Christchurch shooter used Facebook Live to broadcast his attack. The company has also been heavily criticized for allowing the El Paso’s shooter’s manifesto, which was initially posted on 8chan , to remain on its platform.
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Eye on Extremism: October 11

“Thunderous explosions echoed across northern Syria on Thursday as Turkish artillery paved the way for an all-out ground assault. The Turkish military said they've struck more than 180 "terrorist targets" along a 150-mile path. They said ground troops have already crossed into the stretch of...
"While Germany has confronted its past and continues to educate and advocate, not enough is being done to confront its historical record. Campaign posters in so-called ‘Luther country’ Thuringia have raised the specter of antisemitism in recent days. Apparently and according to...
Extremism News Roundup

Eye on Extremism: October 10

“A German man suspected of killing two people near a synagogue in the country’s east and streaming the assault online was arrested on Wednesday after what authorities said appeared to be an anti-Semitic attack by a far-right extremist. Witnesses said they saw the suspect, armed with two guns and...