Omar Bakri Muhammad, Date Unknown

“Al-Qaeda are so clever, they can make so many weapons from nothing. They can go to any kitchen, make a very nice pizza bomb and deliver it fresh,” Bakri claimed. He described the regional uprisings that rocked the Middle East as “al-Qaeda's victory.” The Arab Spring and “the dismantling of authoritarian regimes and ruthless intelligence services have given Salafist groups room to breathe; and the thousands of jailed Islamists in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, released as the dictatorships crumbled, have been perfect for recruiting.”“A Profile of Syrian Jihadist Omar Bakri Muhammad,” Jamestown Foundation, December 21, 2012,

Omar Bakri Muhammad, Date Unknown

Echoing the rhetoric of other jihadists, Bakri warned the West against staying in the Middle East. “In the future if anybody puts a finger on our nations we will fight back, we have our own men, our own power.”“A Profile of Syrian Jihadist Omar Bakri Muhammad,” Jamestown Foundation, December 21, 2012,

Abu Musab Al Suri, Al-Qaeda Operations Head, Date Undetermined

Regarding Nasar’s Jihadi Training: “I joined a training course which prepared the Muslim Brotherhood’s military branch cadres during the Jihad and revolution against Hafez Assad’s regime. I was 22 years old and that was in the Iraqi army’s Racheed camp in Baghdad in 1980. The trainer was a righteous man from the old guards who pledged allegiance to Sheikh Hassan al Bannah [the founder of the Muslim brotherhood] at 17. He accompanied Sayyid Qutb [the leading ideologue of the jihadist movement], and then spent the rest of his life outside Egypt. I recall that the first thing he said [was] 'Are you Muslim brotherhood members.' We all said 'yes.' Then the trainer said while pointing at his neck 'you will all get slaughtered, do you approve of that?' Then we happily and joyfully said 'we approve Sir.' He then turned to the chalkboard and wrote the title of his very first lecture: 'Terrorism is a duty and assassination is a Sunnah [an action ordained by the Prophet Mohammed].'”Paul Cruickshank, “Abu Musab Al Suri: Architect of the New Al Qaeda,”  Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 30:1–14, 2007, page 2, Center on Law and Security, NYU School of Law,