Abu Haleema, YouTube video, “Allying with the kuffar,” July 15, 2015

YouTube video, “Allying with the kuffar”

“Do not ally with the Jews and Christians. They are only allies to one another. And whoever allies with one of them, is one of them. All of those who work with the police in counterterrorism strategies are kuffar [nonbelievers].”“Allying with the Kuffar,” YouTube video, 2:11, posted by “Abu Haleema,” July 15, 2015,

Ghareeba, Tweet, June 3, 2015

“O Allah, deal with America and its allies from the Jews, the Crusaders, the Rāfidah, the apostates, and the atheists.”Ghareeba, Twitter post, June 3, 2015, 6:00 a.m.,

Abdelmalouk Droukdal, AQIM Leader, July 1, 2008

“[L]ook at the crimes that happen in Gaza and Iraq and Afghanistan, and Somalia and others places. These crimes are committed by the Jew-crusader ally.”“An Interview With Abdelmalek Droukdal,” New York Times, July 1, 2008,

Abdelmalouk Droukdal, AQIM Leader, July 1, 2008

“[B]y this unity [merging with al-Qaeda] we brought grief and sorrow to our enemies the Jews and apostates and crusaders.”“An Interview With Abdelmalek Droukdal,” New York Times, July 1, 2008,

Ismail al-Wahwah, March 9, 2015

“Palestine cannot contain the Muslims and the Jews. It belongs to the local people. The Jews should not be in Palestine and will not remain there. Any Jew living in Palestine is an illegitimate occupier. He is a target of jihad and will end up in the garbage bin of history. This holds true for all the Jews in Palestine. It makes no difference whether a Jew is pro-peace or pro-war, whether right-wing or left-wing, any Israeli living in Palestine is an occupier and serves as a target for the jihad of the Islamic nation. If you don’t like it, take your passport and go back where you came from.”“Muslim extremist Ismail Alwahwah anti semitic lecture,”, March 9, 2015,

Abulaziz Abu Muscab, military operations Spokesman, 2014

“[Answering the question “Why Target Nairobi’s Westgate Mall?”] It is a place where tourists from around the world come to shop, where diplomats gather,… where Kenya’s decision-makers go to relax and enjoy themselves… a place where there are Jewish and American shops.”A Shabāb Mujahid Bro, “End of Safari,” Inspire Magazine, no. 12 (Spring 2014): 30, See Aaron Y. Zelin, “al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s al-Malāḥim Media releases Inspire Magazine Issue #12,” Jihadology, March 14, 2014,

Ismail al-Wahwah, March 3, 2015

“The Jews are the most evil creatures of Allah. Moral corruption is linked to the Jews. They will pay with blood for blood, with tears for tears, and with destruction for destruction.”Louise Cheer, “’They will pay with blood’: Islamic leader’s online rant calling the Jewish people ‘the most evil creatures of Allah,’” Daily Mail (London), March 12, 2015,

Al-Dabiq, ISIS magazine, July 2014

“Many readers are probably asking about their obligations towards the [Caliphate] right now… The first priority is to perform hijrah [migration] from wherever you are to the Islamic State, from dārul-kufr [the abode of unbelief] to dārul-Islām [the abode of Islam]… Rush to the shade of the Islamic State with your [family]… You can be a major contributor towards the liberation of [Mecca], [Medina], and al-Quds [Jerusalem].”

“As for the massacres taking place in Gaza against the Muslim men, women, and children, then the Islamic State will do everything within its means to continue striking down every apostate who stands as an obstacle on its path towards Palestine… [ISIS’s] actions speak louder than words and it is only a matter of time and patience before it reaches Palestine to fight the barbaric [J]ews and kill those of them hiding behind the gharqad trees—the trees of the [J]ews.”Aaron Y. Zelin, “al-Ḥayāt Media Center presents a new issue of the Islamic State’s magazine: ‘Dābiq #2,’” Jihadology, July 27, 2014,

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader, July 2014

“[L]isten, O ummah [community] of Islam. Listen and comprehend. Stand up and rise. For the time has come for you to free yourself from the shackles of weakness, and stand in the face of tyranny, against the treacherous rulers—the agents of the crusaders and the atheists, and the guards of the [J]ews. O ummah of Islam, indeed the world today has been divided into two camps and two trenches, with no third camp present: The camp of Islam and faith, and the camp of kufr (disbelief) and hypocrisy—the camp of the Muslims and the mujahidin everywhere, and the camp of the [J]ews, the crusaders, their allies, and with them the rest of the nations and religions of kufr, all being led by America and Russia, and being mobilized by the [J]ews.”Aaron Y. Zelin, ““al-Furqān Media presents a new audio message from the Islamic State’s Abū Bakr al-Ḥussaynī al-Qurayshī al-Baghdādī: ‘Message To the Mujāhidīn and the Islamic Ummah In the Month Of Ramaḍān,’ Jihadology, last modified July 1, 2014,

Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, ISIS spokesman, April 2014

“Yes, verily the plot of Shayṭān is weak. America came to Iraq leading a frenzied crusade, in its sleeve a new map of what they call the ‘Middle East.’ It came with all its forcefulness and all of its iron (weaponry), with all of its pride and all of its arrogance. It gathered all of its allies and mobilised all of its aircraft and its fleets, and it brought its horses and its soldiers. The Crusaders thought that no one would be able to overcome them; however Allah the Mighty and Majestic disgraced them and showed us the weakness of their plot. The flame of Jihad was stoked, the Crusade campaign was broken and the Islamic State was established in spite of the villains, and America was expelled (from Iraq) disgraced and driven away, dragging their tails between their legs, defeated and broken, leaving in its wake a map of the Islamic State, ready to redraw the world upon the Prophetic manhaj (way) methodology of the [caliphate]. So verily, the [Islamic] State, with the favour of Allah alone, becomes stronger day after day. Its authority has not ceased since it was founded, by the favour of Allah, and its conquests shall not cease, with the permission of Allah, until the cross is smashed, the swine is killed and the Jizyah (tax for people of the book) is imposed, and there will be no fitnah (tribulation) on Earth and the Rule shall be for Allah alone completely.

“And so [Sunni Muslims] in Iraq, verily you should know the truth, and it is that there is no coexistence or peace with the Rawāfiḍ (Shiite Muslims.) You have seen the truth of this matter in the squares of Hawijah, in the mosques of Baʿqūbah, in the market places of Mosul and

Samarrā', in the villages of Laṭīfiyyah, in the neighbourhoods of Buhriz, Ramādī and Fallūjah, and what follows is more disastrous and more bitter. It is time that you be aware [sic] that the polytheist Rāfiḍah are the most evil to tread upon this earth, more evil than the Jews and the Crusaders. It is time that you disbelieve in democracy which will not bring better than what it has brought upon you in the past lean years. It will bring nothing upon you but shame and disgrace. It is time for you to know that democracy is nothing but a tool and method by which the Ṭawāghīt (tyrants) are empowered and by which they wage war upon the Religion of Allah. It is time that you reject your treacherous politicians, who have only been working for their own personal and private benefits, the ones who through voting for them, you gained nothing but humiliation, degradation and oppression.”Aaron Y. Zelin, “al-Furqān Media presents a new audio message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām’s Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al ‘Adnānī al-Shāmī: ‘He Will Surely Establish For Them [Therein] Their Religion Which He Has Preferred For Them,’” Jihadology, last modified April 19, 2014,