Extremist Content Online: ISIS Propaganda Video Released Before Nigerian Elections Located On Facebook, Telegram

(New York, N.Y.) The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) reports weekly on the methods used by extremists to exploit the Internet and social media platforms to recruit followers and incite violence. Last week, CEP researchers located an ISIS propaganda video condemning Nigeria’s elections five days before the vote. CEP also found two written statements released by al-Qaeda via its as-Sahab media outlet commemorating the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria and stating that foreign forces in Somalia, such as the U.S., Turkey, and the UAE, would be defeated.

In addition, two neo-Nazi Telegram channels posted instructional videos for making homemade explosives and detonators using commercially available products, a Telegram channel affiliated with The Base posted a clip from the Christchurch terrorist attack video advocating for violence against Muslims, and the Nationalist Social Club (NSC) celebrated a brick being thrown through the window of a left-wing bookstore and community space in Providence, Rhode Island.

ISIS Video Condemning Nigerian Elections Released on Multiple Websites

On February 20, ISIS’s self-proclaimed West African province in Nigeria released a video titled “Shirk is a Great Injustice,” condemning the Nigerian elections that would take place on February 25. The video stated that human-made laws, elections, and parliaments are a form of idolatry. The video asserted that religious law is the only acceptable form of government. The video included footage of multiple executions and combat footage allegedly from Borno state between ISIS and Nigerian security forces.

The video was released on Telegram, RocketChat, pro-ISIS websites, and at least 10 other websites. CEP researchers located the video on Facebook, GoFile.Io, Uqload.Co, FromSmash, and the Internet Archive. All five websites removed the video after CEP reported it. The video on Facebook had 160 likes/reacts and over 1,800 views by the time CEP located and reported it approximately 48 hours after it was uploaded.

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ISIS video “Shirk is a Great Injustice” on Facebook. Screenshot taken on February 22.

Al Qaeda Releases Communiqués on Somalia and Earthquake Affecting Turkey and Syria

Al-Qaeda released two short written statements via their as-Sahab media outlet, on February 20, regarding Turkey and Syria, and on February 21, regarding Somalia. The first message stated that those who died in the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria were martyrs and that the hardships were a test of faith. The statement called on Gulf leaders to stop funding the fighting of al-Qaeda and to provide “aid and assistance” to those in need following the earthquakes, especially in Syria.

The second statement declared that foreign forces in Somalia would be defeated. Al-Qaeda’s media arm specifically mentioned that the U.S., Ethiopia, and Kenya have provided ground troops and that the U.S., Turkey, and the UAE have provided aircraft while blaming Saudi Arabia and Qatar for financing the mission. The communiqué encouraged the provision of humanitarian aid to the region, declaring that foreign leaders should have pledged “to fight against poverty and famine, instead of sending bombs and missiles.”

Neo-Nazi Telegram Channels Post Video Instructions for Making Homemade Explosives

Two neo-Nazi Telegram channels posted video instructions on February 21 for making homemade explosives and two types of explosive detonators using commercially available products. The videos were initially made by individuals in the DIY community who are not associated with the extreme right.

The Telegram channels that posted the videos are affiliated with the Terrorgram community and also posted exhortations to commit acts of violence. CEP reported the videos to Telegram’s abuse team on February 22, however, they were still online on February 27.

eco 022723_2

Videos for making homemade explosives on Telegram. Screenshot taken on February 23.

The Base Posts Clip from Christchurch Attack Video, States That They Will Not Condemn Violence

On February 22, a Telegram channel affiliated with The Base posted a video featuring footage from the Christchurch terrorist attack video. The video contained a song advocating violence against Muslims and glorifying the Christchurch attacker and included the logo of the Feuerkrieg Division. A message accompanying the video claimed that The Base does not encourage killing civilians but that they would also not condemn such attacks.

Last month, the same Telegram channel made a post glorifying the perpetrator of the Christchurch terrorist attack as a “hero."

Nationalist Social Club Celebrates Brick Being Thrown Through Left-Wing Bookstore Window

On February 22, on Telegram and Gab, the Nationalist Social Club (NSC) celebrated a brick being thrown through the window of a left-wing bookstore and community space in Providence, Rhode Island. NSC did not take credit for the property destruction, however, they posted a message endorsing the act. One year ago, NSC released a propaganda video celebrating their disruption of an event at the same left-wing bookstore.

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