Ahmed Abdi Godane, Audio message, June 24, 2010

Ahmed Abdi Godane AKA Mukhtar Abu Zubair

"The reality is that democracy is something Allah made unlawful, and someone else cannot make it lawful...If people who are Muslims, who declare the name of Allah, argue that they are real Muslims but forget Allah's message, hang or arrest them, kill them by using ammunition...If people fight ... till everyone is killed, that is much easier than legalising the devil's principles such as constitutions or making a ruler who governs against Allah's laws." (Audio message) Ali Noor, Hussein. "Somali Rebel Leader Urges Fight against Democracy." Reuters, June 24, 2010, http://af.reuters.com/article/idAFJOE65N0TX20100624.

Ahmed Abdi Godane
Jun. 24, 2010