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The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is a prominent neo-Nazi group that has directed extremist, incendiary rhetoric toward Jews and other minorities while supporting violence in pursuit of its political goal of "the union of all Whites into a greater America on the basis of the right of national self-determination."* The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies the NSM as the largest neo-Nazi movement in the United States.* The NSM bills itself as "America's premier white civil rights organization."* Though the NSM officially rejects violence, the group has declared its intention to defend itself.* The NSM acknowledges that Adolf Hitler created Nazism in Germany, but believes that it can be applied anywhere. The movement believes society promotes a "big lie" of equality among the races, and "the White Race" is "the most advanced and progress producing race on earth." The NSM believes that the white race faces extinction through race mixing as well as violence. To that end, the NSM calls for street demonstrations, rallies, and marches in order to spread its message, as it believes that the mainstream media is dominated by Jews.*

In February 2019, black activist James Stern replaced longtime leader Jeff Schoep as president of the NSM. Schoep reportedly sought to disband the group, but Stern convinced Schoep to sign it over to him instead. Schoep claimed that he was tricked into the transfer. Stern promised to render the group impotent rather than allow Schoep to disband it, which would allow somebody else to later revive the group.* Other members of the NSM tried to wrest control away from Stern. Stern died of cancer in October 2019, leaving the NSM’s future in limbo. Schoep has since become an anti-extremism consultant and speaker.* In March 2019, Schoep appointed Burt Colucci as the group’s new commander.* Schoep has since become an anti-extremism consultant and speaker.*


Commander Jeff Schoep was NSM’s founder and national director. Other prominent leaders include Captain Brian Culpepper, public relations, and Captain Butch Urban, chief of staff.* Black activist James Stern took over leadership of the NSM in February 2019.* The following month, Schoep issued a press release that Stern had no affiliation with NSM and Schoep had appointed former chief of staff Burt Colucci as the group’s new commander.* Colucci launched a legal battle for control of the NSM and its website. Stern died of cancer in October 2019, leaving the group’s future uncertain.* In addition to Colucci’s role as party leader/commander, NSM claims Butch Urban is its chief of staff and Harry Hughes is head of its public relations department. NSM also lists George Archer in charge of membership/recruitment and Eddie McBride as the group’s media and audio/visual director.*

Burt Colucci

Party Leader/Commander

Harry Hughes

Head of Public Relations

Base of Operations

Kissimmee, Florida*


Membership Size and Relevance

NSM reportedly had 40 dues-paying members nationwide as of 2018, according to former outreach coordinator Matthew Heimbach.* NSM's total nationwide membership is unknown. As of 2018, the group had 61 local chapters in 35 states and was the largest neo-Nazi group in America.* The group also claims to have chapters in the United Kingdom, Italy, Estonia, New Zealand, and Sweden, with a new chapter planned in South Africa.* On YouTube, the group had 1,020 subscribers and 149 videos as of January 2, 2018, but has since been suspended.*

In 2016, NSM leader Jeff Schoep created a national far-right alliance called the Aryan Nationalist Alliance (ANA), which included neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, and Klansmen. Schoep saw the alliance as an opportunity for NSM to gain more acceptance among the far right.* The Traditionalist Worker Party joined the coalition that November and ANA rebranded as the Nationalist Front. The League of the South joined the Nationalist Front in April 2017. The Nationalist Front has since held several rallies across the United States, attracting a few dozen supporters at each event. The Nationalist Front calls for the creation of separate, independent ethnostates in North America for each racial group.* TWP collapsed in March 2018 and League of the South pulled out of the Nationalist Front shortly after, leaving the coalition’s future in doubt.*

In April 2021, NSM launched a new version of its website and a podcast called NSM Radio.* The group intended to host a national conference in Arizona later that month to teach how to “address violent Antifa scum, one protest event at a time.”*

Recruitment and Propaganda

The NSM's main goal derived from the white supremacist 14 Words mantra to "secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."* NSM's 25 Points of American National Socialism manifesto also contains antisemitic rhetoric and insists that NSM’s process of nationalization will "remove the Jewish, internationalist, and capitalist stranglehold on information and resources and put these to work for the benefit of the nation and people, not international stockholders or Jewish oligarchs."*

The NSM's manifesto, "25 Points of American National Socialism," details the hate group's goal of securing “freedom for the White population of North America through the principle of self-determination."* The manifesto calls for an end to all immigration to the United States and a series of economic changes, including the dissolution and nationalization of corporations. The manifesto also calls for the abolishment of the U.S. healthcare system and replacing it with universal healthcare. At the same time, the manifesto is peppered with racist and antisemitic language blaming immigrants, non-whites, and Jews for societal and political problems in the United States.*

The NSM requires its members to be at least 18 years old, but it also maintains a youth wing called the Viking Youth Corps for children between the ages of 14 and 17. The program is open to children of NSM members who are of pure European descent. The NSM refuses membership to children with Jewish or mixed-race bloodlines.* The NSM previously used the swastika as its symbol, believing that it represents the white race just as the Star of David represents Jews.* The NSM also publishes a print and online magazine of the same name.*

In November 2016, the NSM abandoned the swastika as its symbol. It instead adopted a pre-Roman alphabet symbol that had also been used by the Nazis. According to Schoep, the move was "an attempt to become more integrated and more mainstream."* In September 2018, former Traditionalist Worker Party leader Matthew Heimbach joined the NSM as its community outreach director.* Heimbach later renounced white nationalism in April 2020, a few months after Schoep.* The NSM claims it does not use the swastika because the German Nazi party is but one of its sources of inspiration. The NSM points to Golden Dawn in Greece, the Nordic Resistance Movement in Scandinavia, and other modern fascist movements, in addition to other geographically specific fascist movements that all used their own symbols. As such, the NSM says it relies on its own symbology to represent the group rather than the swastika.* Nonetheless, the swastika still appears on the NSM website and the NSM continues to carry swastika banners during protests.*

An NSM memo on social media calls on members to use the encrypted Signal app and Protonmail for communications with each other and all white nationalists. The memo also calls on members to avoid public arguments with other white nationalists and reiterates the organization’s opposition to violence except in self-defense.*

Violent Activities

NSM officially disavows violent tactics.* Nonetheless, NSM members have been involved in violent activities.

  • On April 20, 2021, while in Arizona for an NSM rally in Phoenix, NSM leader Burt Colucci was arrested outside a hotel in Chandler for threatening a group of Black men with a gun after he placed trash on their car. Colucci claimed he only readied his pistol, while the Black men said he threatened to kill them. Colucci was released on a $7,500 bond and allowed to return to him home in Florida, though he had to return to Arizona for future hearings. The NSM began raising money on its website to pay for Colucci’s legal fees, including $20,000 for a lawyer and $5,000 for an investigator.*
  • On October 23, 2017, NSM member Taylor Michael Wilson disabled the engine and internal lights of an Amtrak train traveling through Nebraska. Wilson was carrying a bag with a handgun, ammunition, a knife, a gas mask, a hammer, and NSM ID cards. Crew members subdued Wilson in the engine room. Investigators searching Wilson’s Missouri home in December 2017 found Nazi propaganda and unregistered firearms. A search of Wilson’s emails revealed he had purchased a ticket to Syria in order to join ISIS the previous year. Wilson told a cellmate that he had taken acid prior to boarding the Amtrak train and wanted to "save the train from black people."* Wilson pled guilty in July 2018 and was sentenced to 14 years in prison that October. He claimed that he was high on acid and did not intend to hurt anybody.*
  • On April 16, 2011, members of the National Socialist Movement fought with counter-demonstrators after the latter threw rocks at a church where the group was holding a meeting.* No NSM members were arrested by the police.


  • Fun Facts about White People!, NSM website, undated: “White people are unarguably the most beautiful and most physically attractive humans on earth. I can honestly understand the extreme jealousy of Blacks, with their genetically primitive, prognathous, distinctly ape-form faces, as Black … simply … is … not … beautiful! On this point I imagine, everyone secretly agrees. Whites are also the nicest, most polite and most enjoyable people to be around. Whenever a non-White obtains wealth, what’s the first thing he does? He finds a White wife and moves into a White neighborhood! But that does not mean being White is in any way boring or bland, nor is it somehow lacking, as those on the left would like for you to believe. In fact, White people are actually the most genetically diverse of all the races, in relation to pigment genes, making White people the TRUE people of color. It’s true! Whites do share the lightest color of skin, various shades from light olive to white, based upon sun exposure, but Whites also have the greatest color diversity with relation to hair and eyes, of any race.”*
  • “Behavioral characteristics common in Black people,” NSM website, undated: “One of the most notable and detrimental behavioral characteristic of American Blacks, is a near or total lack of empathy. In response to another person’s feelings, they may come across as cold, unfeeling, callous, overly critical, or harsh. Most of us have observed countless times, where Black people never feel any remorse for anything they’ve said or done, even if it caused a great deal of pain and suffering. Black people don’t seem to realize how harmful their actions are. It seems as though they simply don’t care that their actions might hurt others.”*
  • NSM Frequently Asked Questions: "The first step is to awaken White people the world over to their own racial identity and to give them a profound appreciation of who they are. This is a huge undertaking! But it must be done and the NSM is doing everything in its power to do it! Conducting street demonstrations, marches and public rallies are all great ways to awaken and enable our racial family."*
  • NSM Frequently Asked Questions: "In the U.S. we've suffered under a false economy since the establishment of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. Under this Jew infected system, the Jews and bankers charge the U.S. for its own money through interest! Under the NSM we will abolish the Federal Reserve and have our money based on the quality of the goods produced by the nation."*
  • NSM Frequently Asked Questions: "The unnatural power of the Jews desperately needs to be broken. Through dedication and lots of hard work, the National Socialist Movement will bring us to victory! Due to the uncompromising nature and reason based principles of National Socialism, it is ONLY National Socialism that will succeed! When it is a fight for the very existence of our People and a future for White children, there is no other alternative! Victory or death!!!"*
  • Jeff Schoep: "When … you take a German Shepherd and mix him with a Golden Retriever you have a worthless animal that nobody wants and that isn't worth anything if you're trying to breed him or sell him. … [T]hese degenerates that allow their children to race mix and this sort of thing, they're destroying the bloodlines of both races."*
  • JT Ready, June 15, 2000: "I do not see the niggers, homosexuals, mexicans, jews, or even child molesters ashamed or afraid to speak their minds and rally, march, post, and be activists for their sick cause. And too many brave men and women died to give me the chance to fight now. I will honor their blood and fight for soil."*

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