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American Renaissance is a right-wing magazine-turned-blog dedicated to discussing the "problems of race."* The online magazine is edited by Jared Taylor, who has previously acted as a spokesman for the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). CCC president Earl Holt has also contributed to and commented on American Renaissance's website.* American Renaissance's publishers consider it the "Internet's premier race-realist site."*

American Renaissance ran as a monthly print magazine from 1990 to 2012 before switching to an online-only format.* American Renaissance collects tax-deductible donations through the New Century Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Taylor created in 1994.* According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the New Century Foundation promotes "pseudo-scientific studies and research that purport to show the inferiority of blacks to whites," which utilize academic jargon to disguise itself as serious scholarship.* In 2016, the Associated Press reported that the New Century Foundation, alongside three other white supremacist non-profit groups, had raised more than $8 million in a 10-year period.*


Editor-in-chief Jared Taylor, with support from Henry Wolff, Chris Roberts, and Gregory Hood (a.k.a. Kevin DeAnna).* Chris Roberts is the director of special projects.*

Jared Taylor


Henry Wolff

Chris Roberts

Director of special projects

Gregory Hood (a.k.a. Kevin DeAnna)

Base of Operations

Oakton, Virginia*


Membership Size and Relevance

American Renaissance has a major online presence. The group's Twitter account had more than 27,000 followers as of August 25, 2017, but has since been suspended.* Its YouTube channel had 132,000 subscribers and 225 videos as of June 10, 2020, compared with more than 104,000 subscribers and 177 videos as of March 19, 2019.* YouTube had added a warning label to some of American Renaissance’s videos.* YouTube suspended American Renaissance’s account in early July 2020 for “multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech.”* American Renaissance’s Gab account had approximately 9,600 followers as of June 10, 2020, and increased to 14,200 by September 2, 2021.* By early July 2020, American Renaissance had been suspended from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon. Twitter deleted more than 50 white supremacist accounts that month. American Renaissance encouraged its readers to follow it on other platforms such as Gab, Telegram, BitChute, and Parler.* By September 2, 2021, American Renaissance’s Parler accounts had been discontinued. As of July 14, 2020, American Renaissance had 2,725 followers on Telegram* and 14,881 followers on BitChute.* As of September 2, 2021, American Renaissance’s Telegram following had more than doubled to 7,962,* while its followers on BitChute increased by more than 50 percent to 24,695.*

In addition to its online activities, the group also meets in person. American Renaissance's 2017 annual conference drew what it called a “sell-out,” “record” crowd of 300 participants, and allegedly turned away up to 150 others.* The conference included notorious white supremacists such as Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa.* More than 250 attended the 2018 conference.* Approximately 300 attended American Renaissance’s 2019 conference in Tennessee.*

Recruitment and Propaganda

American Renaissance employs what Jared Taylor has referred to as "sober, factual discussion" in order to present its ethno-nationalism as an academic endeavor.* The website's leaders employ academic language to present racist ideas as legitimate social science. For example, the group's self-description claims they are "dedicated to the study of immigration and race relations so as to better understand the consequences of America's increasing diversity…."* American Renaissance labels its so-called academic approach as "race realism," the study of which it promotes as necessary for "the survival of the West."*

American Renaissance also maintains a merchandise section on its website, and encourages visitors to donate directly to the site's non-profit parent group, New Century Foundation, or bequeath a donation in their wills.*

In June 2020, American Renaissance took advantage of racial protests over the death of African American man George Floyd in police custody. In a June 9 blog post, Taylor welcomed new readers who understand that American Renaissance writers “have an understanding of race that you are not likely to find elsewhere.”* As protests against police brutality spread across the country, American Renaissance writers such as political commentator Pat Buchanan warned of a the “Left’s Coming War on Cops,” which, he wrote, will “likely to become a forever war in America” that results in “more violent collisions between white cops and black suspects, collisions that result in deaths.”* Other American Renaissance writers pointed to “decades of anti-white indoctrination” and “anti-white anarcho-tyranny” that sparked the 2020 racial protests.*

American Renaissance's 2017 annual conference drew what it called a "sell-out," "record" crowd of 300 participants, allegedly turning away up to 150 others.

Violent Activities

American Renaissance is not known to have instigated any violent attacks. The organization instead relies on the spread of racist propaganda through its own media channels.


  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance blog post, August 31, 2021: “No mainstream publication anywhere and very few dissident ones will report that, according to official FBI statistics, blacks are twice as likely as whites to commit hate crimes, and that this is consistent, year to year. Political and media elites can hardly even conceive of blacks as hate criminals. If police were ordered to look for racial bias in non-white-on-white crimes — of which there are vastly more than white-on-non-white crimes — they would surely find a lot of it.

    “Needless to say, whites do not have organized lobbies calling attention to anti-white hate the authorities may be ignoring. And if there were such lobbies, the authorities would ignore them.”*

  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance blog post, May 6, 2021: “Critical Race Theory is finally pushing ordinary whites over the edge. And what happens when they object to being called inherently racist? They’re called inherently white supremacist. This should wake them up even more – and send them our way.

    “But whites can’t stop at defensive action. We have to assert *our* rights, make *our* demands, defend *our* heritage. There is no compromise with people who want to abolish whiteness. Angry whites may beat them down for now, but they’ll be back. There is only one solution. To be separate from, beyond the reach, and fortified against these people.

    “Only then, can we be sure our people have a future.”*

  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance blog post, April 20, 2021: “This is how ‘justice’ works in the age of Black Lives Matter. The media whoop up an ambiguous encounter between a white cop and a black criminal to the point that the whole world thinks this is Emmett Till all over again. Half the country goes into paroxysm of rage and violence, while our rotten elites donate billions of dollars to black causes, obediently takes down monuments to white people, and vows to scour everything from math and music theory to our very souls for ‘white supremacy.’”*
  • Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 19, 2021: “If you remove any non-white group from American history, the country still exists. It would probably be better. If America continues its present course and whites become a minority, ‘America’ becomes a name on a map.”*
  • Stephen Paul Foster, American Renaissance blog post, March 6, 2021: “…I started noticing how often whites were on the losing side of race relations in America: the Rodney King riots, the OJ Simpson trial, forced bussing, affirmative action, diversity training, etc. Everywhere I looked, raging black incivility and incompetence was only ever met with more white guilt and feckless palliatives.”*
  • Stephen Paul Foster, American Renaissance blog post, March 6, 2021: “My white guilt and belief in racial equality are long gone. I’ve seen enough to know for sure that the races are different, and that the attempts to make them equal are largely scams. And the few honest egalitarians out there are doomed to failure, no matter how noble their intentions may be. I’m old. I have grandchildren, and I fear for their future. I hope young white adults take the red pill before it’s too late, before America starts to become another Zimbabwe.”*
  • Ryan Andrews, American Renaissance blog post, February 27, 2021: “We live in a country in which every major institution has explicitly favored non-Whites over Whites for the better part of three generations, a country in which reducing Whites’ share of the population has long been official policy.”*
  • Gregory Hood, American Renaissance blog post, January 6, 2021: “A changing population means removing whites from power. For decades, people warned Republicans about this; the Cassandras were purged. Now, the consequences are obvious to everyone. Just look at what happened in Georgia last night. The Democrats are taking the Senate, thanks to heavy black turnout.”*
  • Gregory Hood, American Renaissance blog post, January 1, 2021: “A President Biden will punish whites. He’ll push for that ‘unrelenting’ stream of immigration. He’ll impose more gun control. He wants to ‘eliminate racial disparities’ in incarceration — impossible unless blacks suddenly stop committing crime or go unpunished. He’ll also unleash Kamala Harris, whose plan for ‘combatting violent hate’ is to muzzle pro-white speech. He’ll throw the book at whites who have said far milder things than he has.”*
  • Gregory Hood, American Renaissance blog post, December 23, 2020: “Los Angeles is less than 30 percent white and is about half Hispanic. Whites don’t want to think about how much the city has become part of the Third World, with its attendant tribalism.”*
  • Chris Roberts, American Renaissance blog post, June 8, 2020: “Whites in America and around the world have work to do. Go to the gym, read a book, learn a skill, make a friend, join a club. So long as whites exist, we are worth fighting for.”*
  • Chris Roberts, American Renaissance blog post, June 8, 2020: “Like never before, I am convinced that whites must create their own separate country to survive. We have seen days of looting and rioting, with the government doing little to stop it. There have been huge displays of ethnomasochism in Europe, promoted and applauded by the media. There is little doubt what will happen to whites if we do nothing.”*
  • Donald Williamson, American Renaissance blog post, June 1, 2020: “I pray that white America will not suffer the same fate as that of the Jews. There is still time for our people to act. It is time for our people to speak and act in their own best interests. The time for denial is over.”*
  • Chris Roberts, American Renaissance blog post, May 28, 2020: “Where blacks have power over whites, whites usually suffer. This is true in Zimbabwe, where whites were forced off their farms without compensation. It is true in American cities such as Baltimore, where black-run government makes life harder for everyone. It is true for unsuspecting whites who wander into black neighborhoods. It is true for whites (teachers and students alike) in black schools. It is true for white prisoners who are raped by blacks, and even bought and sold as sex slaves.”*
  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance conference, May 2019: “If a Jewish person says, ‘I want to marry another Jew and have Jewish children,’ if black people say, ‘no, I want my children to be black,’ that’s okay. If white people say that, it’s ‘oh my God, that’s just white supremacy that’s unspeakable.”*
  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance conference, May 2019: “They could be socially shunned. We really do live in a kind of a soft tyranny.”*
  • Patrick Casey, American Renaissance conference, May 2019: “We’re looking at America’s white majority becoming a minority around 2040 or 2050, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it’s going to happen, but it’s important to point out that no one voted for this and most white people in this country do not want that.”*
  • Patrick Casey, American Renaissance conference, May 2019: “There’s a lot of historical and sociological evidence that indicates that mass immigration – diversity in particular – reduce levels of trust.”*
  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance annual conference, July 2017: “We are in a battle for our lives. We are all soldiers in this titanic battle. And we will win!”*
  • Jared Taylor, YouTube video, May 3, 2017: “White people all around the world are waking up to the fatal dangers of Third-World immigration, of multiculturalism, of race denial, of demographic dispossession that will make us  minorities in our own lands and lead to oblivion. Our movement is growing because it is based on a correct understanding of science, human nature, and history, and because it is morally superior to any view that denies to whites, and only to whites, a racial identity that is vital to our survival as a people.”*
  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance blog post, October 20, 2016: “Neither the French nor the Americans can solve their race problem because they are mentally paralyzed. They refuse to see that the multi-racial societies they are trying to build cannot succeed, and they continue to pile compromise onto accommodation rather than give up on a futile goal.”*
  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance blog post, October 11, 2016: “What whites are expected to do is without precedent in human history. We have the power to keep our lands for ourselves, but we are throwing them open to aliens, aliens who despise us as they take what is ours. Many nations have been overrun by powerful invaders. Never has any people or nation let itself be pillaged by the weak. This is a mental sickness unique to whites and unique to our era.”*
  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance blog post, April 28, 2015: “These days, it doesn’t even take a specific event to send a crowd of blacks into the streets. A few enterprising youths with Twitter accounts can whip up a ‘flash mob’ most any time they like… Why do blacks behave this way? Young men of all races are savages, and young blacks are the hardest to tame. Low IQ, high testosterone, and a short time horizon make them the perfect tinder for disorder. We see this in every country that has a black population.”*

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