Eye on Extremism: May 22, 2024

Associated Press: The Latest | UN Food Aid Collapses In Rafah As Israeli Leaders Decry War Crime Accusations

“The United Nations said Tuesday that it was no longer able to distribute food aid in the southern Gaza city of Rafah due to lack of supplies and insecurity. The humanitarian crisis has escalated over the past two weeks since Israel launched an incursion into Rafah that closed a vital border crossing, vowing to root out Hamas fighters. The fighting sent hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fleeing out of Rafah, many of whom were displaced earlier in the war. A U.S. official said Tuesday that Israel has addressed many of President Joe Biden’s concerns about a full-scale ground invasion of Rafah, although the Americans stopped short of greenlighting a total Israeli assault on the city. Israel and the United States are also seeking to contain fallout after chief prosecutor of the world’s top war crimes court requested arrest warrants for leaders of both Israel and Hamas. Among the prosecutor’s allegations against Israel was using “starvation as a method of warfare.” Israeli and U.S. leaders harshly condemned the accusations.”

Express: Terrifying Warning Issued That Britain's ‘Unprepared’ For ISIS ‘Drone Attack Plot On UK’

“A leading expert in terrorism has warned that the UK is unprepared for drone attacks that an Express investigation revealed ISIS is plotting. Messages exchanged on encrypted message platforms by pro-Islamist groups uncovered by this website revealed fanatics are being urged to "strike crowds at major sporting events from the sky" with manuals on drone warfare and making homemade explosives being shared. When we shared the details with Professor Dr. Christian Kaunert, Chair of Policing and Security at University of South Wales, he warned the UK is yet to adapt its defences to cope with such a threat. “It's not that British air defences couldn't handle drone attacks,” he explained. “It’s that they're not prepared for these types of drone attacks [on crowds at events]. “They pose a significant threat. They are, in a sense, the more high-tech version of the guy who's taking a truck and drives into a crowd. It’s the next level of that.””

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The New European: Europe Is Walking The Terror Tightrope 

“…“The terrorist threat to Europe right now is actually quite high because you have an intersection of a range of disconnected but unfortunately mutually reinforcing events,” said Hans-Jakob Schindler, director of the Berlin- and New York-based Counter Extremism Project. “October 7 changed the threat level from groups that didn’t really pose any threat on the European continent for many years. It’s definitely always been Islamist terrorism, but it’s not Islamist terrorism in all of its varieties from Hamas to al-Qaida. Usually it’s Islamic State, it’s al-Qaida, and it’s lone actors. Now you have Hamas, Hezbollah, lone actors, Islamic State, al-Qaida, the left wing, the right wing – all of them who could potentially see this large conglomeration of really soft targets. “We have the threat that has been there all along, but because of October 7 has been fairly diligently pushed out of the headlines, and that’s the Islamic State threat,” he added.”

International Development Committee Hearing On FCDO And Civil Societies | Parliament Live TV

“Witness: Edmund Fitton-Brown, Former Ambassador to Yemen and CEP Advisory Board Member.”

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Politico: Biden Admin Openly Hammering Israel’s Military Strategy In Gaza

“The Biden administration fears Israel is disastrously squandering its opportunity for victory against Hamas, losing its best chance to eliminate the group’s hold on Gaza and threat to the Israeli people. Top officials are publicly calling Israel’s strategy in Gaza self-defeating and likely to open the door to Hamas’ return — a level of criticism of the Middle East ally not seen since the war began in October. The officials say Israel’s government has failed to hold parts of Gaza after clearing them, has turned the civilian population and the rest of the world against it with widespread bombing and inadequate humanitarian aid, and enabled Hamas to recruit more fighters. The U.S. for months kept any criticism private, quietly pushing Israel to shift how it retaliates against Hamas for its Oct. 7 attack that started the war.  But the frustration of watching Israel refuse to change course has increasingly spilled into the open, each broadside a crowbar widening the rift between Washington and Jerusalem.”


Associated Press: Hundreds Of Hostages, Mostly Women And Children, Are Rescued From Boko Haram Extremists In Nigeria

“Hundreds of hostages, mostly children and women, who were held captive for months or years by Boko Haram extremists in northeastern Nigeria have been rescued from a forest enclave and handed over to authorities, the army said. The 350 hostages had been held in the Sambisa Forest, a hideout for the extremist group which launched an insurgency in 2009, Maj. Gen. Ken Chigbu, a senior Nigerian army officer, said late Monday while presenting them to authorities in Borno, where the forest is. The 209 children, 135 women and six men appeared exhausted in their worn-out clothes. Some of the girls had babies believed to have been born from forced marriages, as is often the case with female victims who are either raped or forced to marry the militants while in captivity. One of the hostages had seven children and spoke of how she and others couldn’t escape because of their children.”


Garowe Online: Al-Shabaab Appoints New 'Army' Commander

“Somalia's al-Qaeda network associates; the Al-Shabaab, may have appointed a new army commander, a top national security official revealed, noting that the changes may have been occasioned by internal wrangles within the group that controls central and southern regions. Hussein Sheikh Ali, the National Security Advisor, said the militants have a new man in charge of Jabha (army), who will be in charge of ground operations. The militants, however, do not have sustainable strategies for ground combat. Security officials say they believe the new al-Shabaab Jabha commander is Guled Ilkacase. The person holding the position is highly regarded within the ranks of the group and operates alongside top leadership, including the group leader, Abu Ubaidah. Not much is known about Guled Ilkacase, but a defector told Voice of America he may have spent time with Al-Shabaab fighters in Galgala (Puntland).”


Reuters: Nine In Germany, Accused Of 'Reichsbuerger' Coup Plot, Go On Trial

“A would-be prince, a former judge and parliamentarian, and retired military officers were among nine alleged conspirators who went on trial on Tuesday for a suspected "Reichsbuerger" plot to overthrow Germany's democracy. Prosecutors say they were ringleaders in a terrorist conspiracy to topple the government and install property investor Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss, scion of a now-throneless dynasty, as caretaker head of state. The plot, exposed in 2022, has both captivated and stunned Germany, which prides itself on its economic might, stable institutions and consensus-driven politics, despite recent inroads by the far right.”


Associated Press: Norway, Ireland And Spain Say They Are Recognizing A Palestinian State In A Historic Move

“Norway, Ireland and Spain said Wednesday they are recognizing a Palestinian state in a historic move that drew condemnation from Israel and jubilation from the Palestinians. Israel immediately ordered back its ambassadors from Norway and Ireland. The formal recognition will be made on May 28. The development is a step toward a long-held Palestinian aspiration that came against the backdrop of international outrage over the civilian death toll and humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip following Israel’s offensive there. In Jerusalem, meanwhile, a far-right government minister paid a provocative visit to a flashpoint holy site sacred to Jews and Muslims. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir visit to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, which Jews refer to as the Temple Mount, was likely to escalate tensions across the region.”

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On May 8, 2019, Taliban insurgents detonated an explosive-laden vehicle and then broke into American NGO Counterpart International’s offices in Kabul. At least seven people were killed and 24 were injured.

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