Muhammad Hafiz Saeed, LeT founder and leader, date unknown

“Our struggle with the Jews is always there.”Ashley J. Tellis, “The Menace That Is Lashkar-e-Taiba,” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 5, March 2012,

PIJ website

“Liberating Palestine from the river to the sea, as this is the land of Muslims and Arabs. No inch of this land should be compromised and the existence of the Zionist entity is void and forbidden. According to sharia, it is forbidden to recognize any part of the Zionist entity. All settlement projects that recognize the Zionist existence in Palestine, or seek to compromise any national rights, are rejected and forbidden.”Asmaa al-Ghoul, “Islamic Jihad Movement Maintains Popularity in Gaza,” Al-Monitor, May 7, 2013,

Hamas website, Date unknown

“The US failure to uphold values of human rights, equal rights, respect for international law and a shared sense of solidarity with the oppressed in the case of Palestine demonstrates the big chasm between President Obama's rhetoric and the reality he engenders through his unethical support to Israel.”“#AskHamas?,” Hamas website, accessed August 28, 2015,

Hamas website, Date unknown

“Israel is not a normal state. It is a settler colonial state that was created during and after mass expulsion and dispossession of the Palestinian people. Sixty-seven years on, millions of Palestinians remain victim of occupation, exile and dispersion. Recognizing Israel effectively means legitimizing what Israel has done to the Palestinian people and legitimizing all Zionist claims upon which Israel was created.”“#AskHamas?,” Hamas website, accessed August 28, 2015,