Akram al-Kaabi, February 2018

Feb. 2018

“Israel is weaker than a spider web. Islamic resistance is capable of confronting the axis of evil and annihilating the occupying Zionist regime.”Ahmad Majidyar “Qom-Based Cleric Lashes out at U.S. for Blacklisting Harakat al-Nujaba,” Middle East Institute, November 28, 2017, https://www.mei.edu/publications/qom-based-cleric-lashes-out-us-blacklisting-harakat-al-nujaba.

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.

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If you remove any nonwhite group from American history, the country still exists. It would probably be better. If America continues its present course and whites become a minority, ‘America’ becomes a name on a map.

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance blog post Mar. 19, 2021
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