Abdelmalek Droukdel, July 1, 2008

“America or other than America will not frighten us, but we never underestimate the reason. We do strive to make the right plans to face this evil alliance against Islam and the Muslims. America must know that when it gets involved in a war with the sons of Youssouf ibn Tachfine and the grand children of Tarik ibn Ziyad, then the region will turn on fire under America’s feet, if God permits it. We will mobilize the sons of the Islamic Maghreb in order to soak the nose of the Americans in the mud, and put into their account that’s already filled with defeats, another defiance.” “An Interview With Abdelmalek Droukdal,” New York Times, July 1, 2008,

Qari Bashir Haqqani, Taliban commander, May 21, 2008

“They will have to carry many more bodies in coffins on their shoulders if they don't come to the realistic conclusion that their forces must withdraw from our country. We view [German] soldiers as being the stooges of the Americans and Jews.”“Interview with a Taliban Commander: ‘What’s Important Is to Kill the Germans,’” Spiegel Online, May 21, 2008,

Qari Bashir Haqqani, Taliban commander, May 21, 2008

“My guidance to the people of Kunduz is that they should avoid meeting or getting near the Germans or people from other foreign countries. Those who work for the invader in any capacity will be seen by the Taliban as enemies, just like the Germans, the Canadians and the Americans.”“Interview with a Taliban Commander: ‘What’s Important Is to Kill the Germans,’” Spiegel Online, May 21, 2008,

Osama bin Laden, Founder of Al-Qaeda, March 2008

“[Muslims should] attack the interests of the Jews and the Americans. Select your targets, collect the appropriate funds, assemble your equipment, plan accurately and then charge towards your targets. There is no place today for those who claim that the battlefield with the Jews is limited to Palestine. Let us hit their interests everywhere.”“Ayman al-Zawahiri in his own words,” BBC, June 16, 2011,

Mohammed Morsi, former Egyptian president, September 15, 2007

“The US administration has never presented any evidences on the identity of those who committed that incident [9/11 attacks]… The Muslim Brotherhood and others demanded a transparent trial with clear evidence and to have court rulings. We confirm that this isn’t a defense to those who committed these actions but we only seek the truth.”“Morsi: 9/11 a global calamity, not only for U.S.,” Ikhwan Web Homepage, Ikhwanweb: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Official English web site, September 15, 2007,

Ali Khamenei, August 19, 2007

“We are certain that in this fight between the righteous and the wrong that is going on today—the fight between Islam, Islamic teachings, and Islamic awakening on the one hand and the avaricious arrogant policies of the satans of the world and at their head, the Great Satan that is the government of America on the other hand—victory is with us; victory is with the side of the righteous.” Masoud Kazemzadeh, “Ayatollah Khameini’s Foreign Policy Orientation,” Comparative Strategy, November 8, 2013, 450,

Adam Gadahn, Al-Qaeda Spokesman, May 29, 2007

“Cease all interference in the religion, society, politics, and governance of the Muslim world. And leave us alone to establish the Islamic shura state, which will unite the Muslims of [the] earth in truth and justice. A single word of American protest shall be silenced by a thousand Islamic bombs.”“Adam Gadahn: “Al Qaeda’s American Voice,” Anti-Defamation League, accessed March 16, 2015,

Ahmad Bahar, speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, April 20, 2007

“Be certain that America is on its way to utter destruction, America is wallowing [in blood] today in Iraq and Afghanistan, America is defeated and Israel is defeated, and was defeated in Lebanon and Palestine... Make us victorious over the community of infidels... Allah, take the Jews and their allies, Allah, take the Americans and their allies... Allah, annihilate them completely and do not leave anyone of them.”“Hamas in Their Own Words,” Anti-Defamation League, May 2, 2011,

Ali Khamenei, January 8, 2007

“The United States is taking advantage of the weakness of Islamic countries and is bullying and intimidating their governments. The United States, while being submissive to the usurper Zionist regime at all times, is bullying and blackmailing certain Arab governments.”Leader’s Speech to the Residents of Qom,” The Office of the Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei, January 8, 2007,

Abdul Alim Musa, Circa 2007

“The American ship is going down. And it’s clowns like that that’s driving it down. We don’t have to do nothing. Just step back, pray, fast, do good deeds, and stuff like that. And let that guy go…When he finishes, nobody will love, nobody will trust, and nobody will believe anything coming from the United States of America.”Dan Morse, “Case Against Ex-Guard Brings Scrutiny of D.C. Imam,” Washington Post, September 19, 2007,