Remembering the 2015 Paris Attacks

Nov. 13 2015
130 Killed
350 Wounded
Map of Paris with highlighted attack areas.

On Friday, November 13, 2015, ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers carried out the deadliest attacks on French soil since World War II. Multiple locations throughout Paris, cafes, restaurants, the national soccer stadium, and the Bataclan concert hall, were all brutally targeted, leaving 130 people dead and 350 injured. The attacks resulted in heightened security measures being adopted in France and throughout Europe. One year later, however, ISIS continues to use the power of the Internet, social media platforms, and messaging applications to inspire and organize French residents to commit acts of terror.

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Who Was Responsible

There were more than a dozen ISIS operatives who were involved directly and indirectly in the November 2015 Paris attacks. Key ISIS operatives involved in the attacks were:

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Barbarism in Paris

Call it l’année de la terreur. The coordinated ISIS assault on Paris November 13 marks a grisly continuation of the terror campaign that the French republic has endured this year. This campaign began in earnest in January with joint attacks on the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo and a…

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CEP Condemns Attacks Across Paris

"The attacks in Paris should serve as a wake-up call for the entire international community to rethink their strategy to defeat ISIS, which remains a threat to all of the free world.

"As world leaders gather this week in Turkey for the G20 summit, their top priority must be…

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.


On September 28, 2020, two Katyusha rockets targeted U.S. troops stationed at Baghdad’s airport, but fell short, striking a house. The impact killed two women and three children and wounded two other children. Iraqi intelligence blamed a small group of Iran-backed fighters.   

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