Counter Extremism Project Launches Arabic and Turkish Language Websites

The Counter Extremism Project (CEP), a not-for-profit, international policy organization dedicated to combatting the global threat of extremism, today launched Arabic and Turkish language versions of its resource-rich website.

"The reach of many extremist groups - like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood -- is expanding, crisscrossing the Arab world and even affecting countries like Turkey," said Ambassador Mark Wallace, Chief Executive Officer of CEP. "Part of our mission is to become a resource for those living under the threat of extremism. By launching parts of our website in Turkish and Arabic, we hope to connect with and become a trusted resource for citizens who want to be engaged and have the tools to push back against the forces that threaten peace and tolerance."

Launched in September 2014, CEP works in real-time to counter the narrative of extremists around the world and has become a respected authority on the leadership, tactics, resources and capabilities of ISIS and other militant groups. With the launch of the new websites, English, Arabic, and Turkish speakers will have access to CEP information and resources and eventually full access to detailed information on many extremist groups, including ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Golden Dawn, Khorasan, Jobbik and the Muslim Brotherhood. Each group has a dedicated page within the website that details their origin, key leaders, history, acts of violence and media coverage, as well as samples of the rhetoric they use to recruit and radicalize followers.

CEP's website also provides information on how to get involved in anti-extremist efforts and to ongoing projects the organization is currently undertaking. A recent example of a CEP initiative is the highly successful #CEPDigitalDisruption campaign, which exposes extremists on Twitter who use social media to radicalize, recruit, and spread violent propaganda. 

"As we have seen with our #CEPDigitalDisruption campaign, extremism is a worldwide threat that requires a serious strategic and well-designed response from both governments and the private sector" said Fran Townsend, President of CEP. "If we want to put an end to the reign of terror from ISIS and other groups, we must respond on the cyber battlefield and show people who use social media the dangers of extremism. Making the findings of organizations like CEP publically available in multiple languages will go a long way toward making that possible."

The new websites launched Thursday morning. For the Arabic version, click here. For the Turkish version, click here.

About The Counter Extremism Project (CEP)

The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, international policy organization formed to combat the growing threat from extremist ideology. Led by a renowned group of former world leaders and former diplomats it will aim to combat extremism by pressuring financial support networks, countering the narrative of extremists and their online recruitment, and advocating for strong laws, policies and regulations.

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