CEP Launches Network Of Stakeholders To Facilitate A ‘Whole-Of-Society’ Approach To Reintegrating, Reducing Recidivism Of Convicted Extremists

(New York, N.Y.) – The Counter Extremism Project (CEP), in partnership with Parallel Networks and with support from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has launched the Radicalization, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Recidivism Network (4R Network).

The 4R Network will assemble a U.S. national ecosystem of actors bound by common standards to facilitate a whole-of-society approach to extremist and terrorist offender reintegration and recidivism reduction. It will help guarantee that every actor tasked with supervising extremist offenders in-prison and/or in-community in the United States has adequate knowledge and access to evidence-based support for reintegration.

The 4R Network will connect those tasked with the monitoring and supervision of extremist offenders to professional practitioners with expertise in reintegration and deradicalization-oriented programming. The goal is to promote discussions on the reintegration and rehabilitation of extremism-related offenders; share knowledge and advance best practices related to reintegration, rehabilitation, and recidivism reduction; and foster partnerships between government and civil society to best address the needs of reintegrating extremism-related offenders.

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Law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, mental health and psychosocial support providers, P/CVE practitioners, former extremists, survivors, religious leaders, and other individuals who are interested in exploring best practices of the rehabilitation and reintegration of extremists or in considering the ways in which we, our government and our society, can better address the needs of convicted extremists are invited to join.

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Members of the 4R Network are invited to participate in monthly online discussions dedicated to enhancing awareness specific to the rehabilitation and reintegration needs of extremist offenders, led by national and international experts. Additional sessions will be tailored for practitioners and interventionalists.

To learn more about the 4R Network or to join its expert community, please click here.

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