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Extremism News Roundup

October 22, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 22, 2021

“A global watchdog on Thursday added Turkey to its list of countries requiring special regulatory oversight for failing to stop money laundering and terrorist financing, a designation analysts say will rattle Ankara’s already shaky economy. The...

Extremism News Roundup

October 21, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 21, 2021

“A brazen attack on a military bus driving through the Syrian capital, Damascus, killed 14 people on Wednesday, according to state news media, a reminder that President Bashar al-Assad’s grip on power remains tenuous even in a major government...

Extremism News Roundup

October 20, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 20, 2021

“The Taliban have promised plots of land to relatives of suicide bombers who attacked U.S. and Afghan soldiers, in a provocative gesture that seems to run counter to their efforts to court international support. The Taliban’s acting interior minister...

Extremism News Roundup

October 19, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 19, 2021

“Hezbollah won’t be dragged into a civil war in Lebanon and has 100,000 trained fighters ready to fend off foreign attacks but won’t be used locally, the head of the Iran-backed militant group said. In a televised speech, Hezbollah leader Hasan...

Extremism News Roundup

October 18, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 18, 2021

“The murder of a U.K. lawmaker has focused attention on “Prevent,” a program designed to identify people at risk of becoming radicalized, as well as on how to combat “corrosive” online discourse. U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel said Sunday the...

Extremism News Roundup

October 15, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 15, 2021

“Suicide bombers assaulted a Shiite mosque in southern Afghanistan that was packed with worshippers attending weekly Friday prayers, killing at least 37 people and wounding more than 70, according to a hospital official and an eyewitness. The attack...

Extremism News Roundup

October 14, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 14, 2021

“A 37-year-old man was charged on Thursday in connection with a bow-and-arrow rampage in a small town in Norway that killed five people in what the authorities said was an apparent act of terrorism. The Norwegian security agency, known by its acronym...

Extremism News Roundup

October 13, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 13

“World leaders met virtually on Tuesday to discuss ways of preventing an economic and humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, but the Biden administration maintained a cautious stance toward providing more support to the Taliban-ruled country. The...

Extremism News Roundup

October 12, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 12, 2021

“Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi announced on Monday the capture of one of the top leaders of ISIS. Al-Kadhimi said in a Twitter post that Sami Jasim al-Jaburi, the former deputy of the terror group and its head of finance, was detained in a...

Extremism News Roundup

October 11, 2021

Eye on Extremism: October 11, 2021

“A U.S. delegation held talks with senior Taliban representatives in Doha, Qatar, over the weekend to discuss wide-ranging issues including security, terrorism and human rights in the first official meeting since the chaotic American withdrawal from...

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On May 23, 2016, two suicide bombings at a military base in Aden, Yemen, killed at least 45 army recruits and injured approximately 60 people. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.   

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