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CEP Advisor Liam Duffy writes: "Despite the ongoing torment, it is the lack of justice that has left the bitterest taste for many Yazidis. 40,000 foreigners joined Islamic State. Some 6,000 from Western Europe and several hundred more from North America and Australasia answered Abu Bakr al-...
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Eye on Extremism: August 3, 2020

“The plan sounded frighteningly concrete. The group would round up political enemies and those defending migrants and refugees, put them on trucks and drive them to a secret location. Then they would kill them. One member had already bought 30 body bags. More body bags were on an order list,...
"'If Germany … will continue to take part in the U.N. or NATO missions that involve actual fighting, you need a special forces unit,' Hans-Jakob Schindler, senior director of the Counter Extremism Project in Berlin, told VOA. 'Disbanding the whole KSK would mean that Germany...
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Eye on Extremism: July 31, 2020

“Washington has identified a critical financial facilitator for Daesh based in Turkey in a move to unsettle the remaining global financial networks of the terrorist group. In a statement on Tuesday, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said that...
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Eye on Extremism: July 30, 2020

“The Islamic State’s media wing has released a video calling for supporters in the United States to commit acts of arson. The 4-minute video, which was released over the weekend, was produced in both Arabic and English and features high-end video editing, according to a report by the...
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Tech & Terrorism: Content Moderation Shortcomings Are Topic Of Tech-Led Counterterrorism Initiative

Last week, the tech sector’s largest counterterror group, the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) convened a forum of industry stakeholders to address ongoing extremist activity online in the wake of protests and civil unrest. The virtual gathering of stakeholders—which included representatives from 30 countries across government, industry, academia, and civil society groups—comes despite tech’s historical failures to deliver on its foundational commitment to establish clear and effective industry standards for the removal of extremist content online.
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Eye on Extremism: July 29, 2020

“Britain’s ambassador to Iraq has been targeted by a graphic propaganda campaign featuring an image of his bloodied face after he spoke out against militia groups which are strengthening their grip on the war-torn country. Stephen Hickey was singled out by militias after he encouraged...