Zakir Naik, November 29, 2008

Zakir Naik

Interviewer: “But is it not that they (non-Muslims) also think that their religion is true, whereas we (Muslims) think that our religion is true?”

Zakir Naik: “In religious matters only we know for sure that we Muslims are right. They (non-Muslims) are not sure. Thus, in our country we can’t allow preaching other religions because we know for sure that only Islam is the right religion. However, if a non-Muslim likes to practise his religion in an Islamic country, he can do so inside his home — but he can’t propagate his religion. It is exactly as if a teacher thinks in his mind that 2 plus 2 equals 3. He has the right to do so, but we can never allow such a person to teach this to our children. Non-Muslims are no doubt experts in science and technology. But they (non-Muslims) are not sure about religious truths. Therefore, we are trying to get them to the right path of Islam.”“Hilarious Mulla, Hilarious Logic 2+2=Zakir Naik,” YouTube Video, 4:54, posted by “feeziman007,” November 29, 2008,; Sudheendra Kulkarni, “Who’s Responsible for the Stereotypes of Islam?” Indian Express, April 01, 2007,

Zakir Naik
Nov. 29, 2008