Mukhtar Robow, Reuters interview, December 2007

Mukhtar Robow

"We are now planning to launch the most enormous attacks on the government and Ethiopian main positions. We will allow no foreign forces in our land... In the past days the infidel troops of Ethiopians along with their puppets and al-Shabab al-Mujahideen have fought heavily in Mogadishu. We have raided the enemies' military bases showering them with mortar shells...When we force Ethiopia to withdraw its troops from our country, its traitors will follow and the people will be able to embrace an Islamic government. Democracy is not right. They call it democracy when a man marries another man and a woman marries another woman. How can such things be allowed to happen?” "INTERVIEW-Somali Insurgency to Intensify-Islamist Leader," Reuters, December 16, 2007,

Mukhtar Robow
Dec. 2007