Mohammad Pakpour, July 2019

July 2019
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Mohammad Pakpour

Following IRGC claims that it downed a U.S. drone in Iranian airspace:

“The enemy will not let go of Islamic Iran, this is why we have to be ready on all fronts, particularly on the economic front, countering enemy sanctions, finding ways round them, making them ineffective, and scuppering enemy plots.”“IRGC General: Attacking deep inside enemy line part of IRGC strategy,” International News Agency, July 9, 2019,

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Extremists: Their Words. Their Actions.

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If you remove any nonwhite group from American history, the country still exists. It would probably be better. If America continues its present course and whites become a minority, ‘America’ becomes a name on a map.

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance blog post Mar. 19, 2021
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