John T. Booker, Speaking to an undercover FBI informant, October 10, 2014

John T. Booker

Speaking to an undercover FBI informant:

“[I] was in jihad before, okay. I got captured. Okay, a long story short the people at the Masjid don’t like me because I support al Qa’ida openly. I’m not afraid, I was captured before . . . I was captured by FBI before . . . because I was with al Qa’ida. [I] joined the United States Army [but] hadn’t really completed, I hadn’t really started . . . I was going to go in there and kill the American soldier.”“Criminal Complaint,” United States District Court for the District of Kansas, U.S. Department of Justice, April 10, 2015, releases/attachments/2015/04/10/booker_complaint.pdf.

John T. Booker
Oct. 10, 2014