Earl Holt (president), email, November 14, 2003

Earl Holt

“Some day, You [sic] sanctimonious n[****]r-lovers will either have to live amongst them or else defend yourselves against them. My guess is that you are such a cowardly and pusillanimous lot of girly-boys, they will kill fuck, kill and eat you just as they do young White males in every prison system in the U.S.”Keegan Hankes, “Future of the Council of Conservative Citizens Unknown After Founder’s Passing,” Southern Poverty Law Center, March 9, 2015, http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2015/03/09/future-of-the-council-of-conservative-citizens-unknown-after-founders-passing/.

Earl P. Holt III
Nov. 14, 2003